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Instruction manual
This is the quick guide for Ghosts Ahoy.
For a more in-depth version, click here.
Ghosts Ahoy (#71)
Members only? Yes
Release date 15 February 2005 (Update)
Quest series None
Official difficulty Intermediate
Official length Long
Developer Martin B
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Start point Quest Talk to Velorina in Port Phasmatys.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description East of Canifis is a ghost port. Not meaning that it's deserted. It's full of ghosts! For some reason, they're stuck in RuneScape, but some aren't happy with that. Can you help?
Length Medium-Long
Items required

Or items to make nettle tea:

If you do not have the 35 required ecto tokens:

  • 7 bones (can be obtained during quest, but it's faster to bring them)
  • 7 buckets
  • 7 pots
Enemies to defeat Giant lobster (level 32). Can be safe-spotted.


Important advice:
  • Make sure you have all required quest items in your bank before leaving for morytania.
  • You may need more than one nettle and bowl of water, as nettle tea will often boil over in the making.
  • Always right-click when dealing with nettle tea so you don't accidentally drink it.

Beginning the questEdit

Items required: Ghostspeak amulet, 35 ecto-tokens or buckets, pots, and bones to get them.

  • Pray at the Ectofuntus 7 or more times and talk to the Ghost disciple to get enough ecto-tokens for the quest.
  • Talk to Velorina in the house just east of the gates to begin the quest. (1,1,1)
  • Talk to Necrovarus back at the Ectofuntus.
  • Talk to Velorina again. (1)

The old crone and nettle teaEdit

Items required: a Bucket of milk and Nettle tea or items to make it: A tinderbox, logs, gloves (must be closed-fingered), and a bowl of water.

  • A few steps east of Mazchna in Canifis is a patch of nettles. Wear your gloves and pick some.
  • Head north-west to the Old crone's house by the water, out to the east side of the Slayer Tower.
  • Talk to the Old crone, and she'll ask for some nettle tea. Make a bowl of tea and give it to her.
  • The crone will want the tea in her special cup. Put the tea in her cup and try again.
  • The crone will then want her tea with milk. Add your bucket of milk to the tea and try again.
  • Finally she will be happy. She'll tell you of an enchantment for your ghostspeak amulet needing three items: Book of haricanto, the robes of Necrovarus and a translation manual.
  • Ask if there's anything you can do for her since she's been so helpful to you. She'll tell you about her long lost son and give you a model ship.

The book of haricantoEdit

Items required: Ghostspeak amulet, Model ship, silk, a needle, thread, a knife, three of each primary coloured dye, a spade, ecto-tokens, and Food/Combat gear to defeat a Giant Lobster (level 32)

  • Bank in Canifis if needed and repair the model ship.
  • Head to the wrecked ship on the coast north-west of the Ectofuntus (see map).
  • Climb up a ladder to the ship deck. Then, climb another ladder to get to the ship quarterdeck.
  • Wait for the wind speed to die down a bit, and search the mast to find out what colours the flag is.
  • Dye the model ship's flag the right colours, mixing dyes as needed.
  • Head down one level to the ship deck, ask the Old man if the model ship is his, he'll give you a key. (3)
  • Use the key on the closed chest inside the captain's quarters to receive the first map scrap.
  • Proceed to the north-west side of deck where there is a gangplank you can walk out onto some rocks.
  • Jump along the path of rocks. At the end, there will be another chest with the second map scrap.
  • Climb down to the lowest level of the ship and get ready to fight. Search the chests until you are attacked by a giant lobster (level 32). Kill it, then search the chest it came out of to get the final map scrap.
  • Fit all the map pieces together to get a completed treasure map.
Ga treasure

The approximate location of the book.

Important: Make sure you have a spade and treasure map in your inventory, or you will not be able to complete the next part and will waste your 25 ecto-tokens.
  • Head back to Port Phasmatys again, and go north-east onto the dock. Take the small rowing boat to Dragontooth Island
  • Once there, use the map to find the treasure. Dig with your spade, and you will find the Book of haricanto.

The translation manualEdit

Items Required: Around 400 coins and an oak longbow.

  • Talk to Ak-Haranu around the docks. He'll trade the manual for Robin's signature on an oak longbow. (1)
  • Talk to Robin in the inn. He'll challenge you to a game of Runedraw. Beat him until he owes you 100 coins.
  • He'll give you his signature to repay the debt. Take it back to Ak-Haranu, for the manual.

The robesEdit

Items required: Bucket of slime (can be purchased during quest)

  • Ask the innkeeper if he has any jobs for you, he'll give you a bedsheet. (4-1)
  • Use Ectofuntus slime on the bedsheet to dye it. (Can be bought from trader crewmembers)
  • Talk to Gravingas, the ghost activist protesting just inside the town's gate. He'll ask you for 10 signatures. (1)
  • Ask ghosts around town for signatures with the bedsheet equipped. (You can alternate between just two ghosts)
  • With all 10 signatures, talk to Gravingas, then show the petition to Necrovarus.
  • Take the key Necrovarus drops and head upstairs into the locked room. Take his robes from his coffin.

Using the spellEdit

Items required: Mystical robes, Book of haricanto, translation manual, and a Ghostspeak amulet.

  • Return to the old crone and give her the items, and she'll cast the spell on your amulet.
  • Head back to the ectofuntus and command Necrovarus to release all the ghosts he's holding.
  • Enter Port Phasmatys one last time. and talk to Velorina to tell her the good news.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

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