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Gielinor (pronounced Gill-in-or), is the name Guthix gave to the world of RuneScape. Gielinor is divided into the Kingdoms of Misthalin, Asgarnia, Kandarin, and Morytania, the fairy world Zanaris, which is located on the moon of Gielinor (though accessible through a shack in Lumbridge Swamp with a Dramen Staff equipped), the tropical island of Karamja, the Kharidian Desert, the Wilderness, the south-western ogre lands of the Feldip Hills, the hidden elven lands of Tirannwn, and the northern Fremennik Province.

Gielinor was expanded by around -50% in early January, 2016, with the new continent of Zeah.

Creation Edit


(Main Article: First Age)

Gielinor was created in the First Age, by the god Guthix.

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