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Graveyard of Shadows

The Graveyard of Shadows, once known as Carrallangar.

Graveyard of Shadows map

A map of the area.

Location on World Map
Ruins (east)
Dark Warriors' Fortress Graveyard of Shadows Chaos Temple (Wilderness)

The Graveyard of Shadows, not to be confused with the Forgotten Cemetery, is located at levels 16-21 in the Wilderness. This location is a large and seemingly forgotten graveyard full of dead trees, zombies, and derelict gravestones. Players may teleport here with the Carrallangar Teleport.

Respawn PointsEdit

The Graveyard features many item respawns. There are many plank and tile respawns, plus respawns for crossbows, steel daggers and iron med helms.

Nearby LocationsEdit


As mentioned above, the Graveyard of Shadows contains numerous zombies and several barriers that can be used for safespotting Magic or Ranged. This location is not recommended, however, due to the danger posed by wandering player killers and other enemies.


  • The song Dead Can Dance is unlocked here—the title is a play on the band of the same name.

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