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Green dragon

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Green dragon
Green dragon
Release date 1 December 2003 (Update)
Members? Yes
Combat 79
Hit points 75
Slayer level 1
Slayer XP 75
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Immune to poison? No
Attack style Melee, Dragonfire
Attack speed Monster attack speed 6
Max hit Dragonfire: 50
Melee: 8
Weakness Ranged, Stab attacks
Always drops Dragon bones,
Green dragonhide
Must be related to Elvarg.

Green dragons, with a combat level of 79, are the weakest of all dragons in RuneScape, and are found in various locations across the Wilderness. Green dragons can breathe fire, which will deal damage up to 50 to players who are not wielding an anti-dragon shield, dragonfire shield or under the effects of an anti-fire potion. Bringing teleport runes or tablets for a quick route out of the Wilderness is recommended for banking and escaping unwanted battles with other players; however, player killers may counter your teleporting by using teleblock, a spell which renders the player unable to teleport for five minutes. 

Killing a Green dragon grants 300 experience in the attack style that the player is training, as well as 99.8 Hitpoints experience.

Green Dragons are assignable by Slayer masters Vannaka and Chaeldar.

CAUTION: There is no guarantee that there will be no PKers, so it is up to players to take caution.

Locations Edit

  • 3 green dragons inhabit the area west of the Dark Warriors' Fortress , in between levels 12 and 14 Wilderness.
  • North of the Graveyard of Shadows (between levels 24 and 26 Wilderness).
  • Directly south of the Lava Maze  in between levels 35 and 37 Wilderness. There is an ancient Wilderness Obelisk due south of this area, allowing players an efficient method of travelling back to the mainland.

Drops Edit

100% Edit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Dragon bones Dragon bones 1 Always 2,938
Green dragonhide Green dragonhide 1 Always 1,535


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Grimy guam leaf Grimy guam leaf 1 Uncommon 14
Grimy harralander Grimy harralander 1 Uncommon 440
Grimy ranarr weed Grimy ranarr weed 1 Uncommon 7,457
Grimy marrentill Grimy marrentill 1 Uncommon 10

Weapons/Armour Edit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Steel battleaxe Steel battleaxe 1 Common 219
Steel platelegs Steel platelegs 1 Common 413
Mithril axe Mithril axe 1 Common 293
Mithril spear Mithril spear 1 Uncommon 346
Mithril kiteshield Mithril kiteshield 1 Uncommon 1,152
Adamant full helm Adamant full helm 1 Uncommon 1,907
Rune dagger Rune dagger 1 Uncommon 4,631


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 250 Coins 11–440 Common Not sold
Bass Bass 1 Common 314
Water rune Water rune 75 Common 375
Fire rune Fire rune 37 Common 185
Nature rune Nature rune 15 Common 3,645
Law rune Law rune 3 Common 639
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 1 Uncommon 1,122
Looting bag Looting bag 1 Uncommon Not sold
Clue scroll (hard) Clue scroll (hard) 1 Rare Not sold

Rare drop table

In addition to the drops above, this monster also has access to the rare drop table.

Show/hide rare drop table
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000 Coins 3,000 Common Not sold
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 Common 1,272
Loop half of key Loop half of key 1 Common 8,629
Tooth half of key Tooth half of key 1 Common 25,687
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 1 Uncommon 1,451
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 Uncommon 1,530
Nature talisman Nature talisman 1 Uncommon 552
Chaos talisman Chaos talisman 1 Uncommon 180
Nature rune Nature rune 67 Uncommon 16,281
Runite bar Runite bar 1 Uncommon 13,813
Rune spear Rune spear 1 Rare 12,582
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 1 Rare 27,193
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword 1 Rare 41,552
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 1 Rare 3,621
Rune javelin Rune javelin 5 Rare 835
Silver ore Silver ore 100 (noted) Rare 19,000
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 20 Rare 1,020
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 1 Rare 24,124
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow 150 Rare 6,600
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow 42 Rare 5,880
Law rune Law rune 45 Rare 9,585
Death rune Death rune 45 Rare 9,855
Dragonstone Dragonstone 1 Rare 26,574
Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield 1 Rare 35,869
Dragon med helm Dragon med helm 1 Rare 63,645
Shield left half Shield left half 1 Very rare 71,872
Dragon spear Dragon spear 1 Very rare 103,941

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