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Hamab's Crafting Emporium is a crafting stall that can be found on Ape Atoll and therefore can only be safely accessed while a monkey greegree and m'speak amulet are equipped. However, the amulet is unnecessary if using the "trade" option as it bypasses any conversation. It is unlike any other crafting shop, as it also sells m'amulet moulds. This is useful if players need another m'speak amulet and don't want to have to find the items all over again. Such items are used in Ape Atoll related quests, namely Monkey Madness, Freeing King Awowogei.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Chisel Chisel 10 14 77
Ring mould Ring mould 10 5 206
Necklace mould Necklace mould 10 5 285
M'amulet mould M'amulet mould 10 10 Not sold
Needle Needle 10 1 107
Thread Thread 1,000 4 10
Ball of wool Ball of wool 100 5 52
Bracelet mould Bracelet mould 10 5 319

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