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This article is about the Herblore skill. For information on training Herblore, see Herblore training.


Also known as Herb
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Herblore is a members only skill that involves making potions from a vial of water, a herb, and a tertiary ingredient. It requires completion of the Druidic Ritual quest. You can use a Brown spice and stew to boost your level by up to 5

Cleaning herbs Edit

Cleaning Herbs is a simple task you have to perform before you can add an herb to a vial to create an unfinished potion.

Herb Experience Herblore Level
Guam 2.5 3
Rogue's purse 2.5 3
Marrentil 3.8 5
Tarromin 5 11
Harralander 6.3 20
Ranarr weed 7.5 25
Toadflax 8 30
Irit leaf 8.8 40
Avantoe 10 48
Kwuarm 11.3 54
Snapdragon 11.8 59
Cadantine 12.5 65
Lantadyme 13.1 67
Dwarf weed 13.8 70
Torstol 15 75

Potions Edit

Once you add a herb to a vial of water, you get an unfinished potion; you must add a tertiary ingredient to finish the potion completely.

PotionLevelExperienceEffectPrimary IngredientSecondary IngredientNotes
Attack potion (4)Attack potion325Temporarily raises Attack level by 10% + 3.Guam leaf Guam leafEye of newt Eye of newt
Antipoison (4)Antipoison537.5Cures poison and provides immunity for 3 minutes.Marrentill MarrentillUnicorn horn dust Unicorn horn dust
Relicym's balm (4)Relicym's balm840Cures disease and provides immunity for a short timeRogue's purse Rogue's purseSnake weedSnake weedYou need to have started Zogre Flesh Eaters
Strength potion (4)Strength potion1250Temporarily raises Strength level by 10% + 3.Tarromin TarrominLimpwurt root Limpwurt rootThis is the only potion available to non-members
Serum 207 (4)Serum 2071550Temporarily cures Afflicted NPCs in Mort'tonTarromin TarrominAshes AshesLearned and required in Shades of Mort'ton
Guthix restGuthix rest tea 18 59.5 Cures poison, restores some run energy and boosts max hitpoints by 5 if at full health Guam leaf 2 Guam leaves
Harralander Harralander
Marrentill Marrentill
One Small Favour quest; use cup with heated water instead of vial
Guam tarGuam tar 19 30 Ammunition for Swamp lizard Guam leaf Guam leaf Swamp tar 15 Swamp tar
Restore potion (4)Restore potion 22 62.5 Restores combat-related stats back to normal by 30% of level plus 10. Harralander Harralander Red spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggs Does not restore Hitpoints or Prayer points.
Guthix balance (4)Guthix balance 22 62.5 Used against Vampire Juvinates and Vampire Juveniles, particularly in the Temple Trekking minigame Harralander Harralander Red spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggs
Garlic Garlic
Silver dust Silver dust
Blamish oilBlamish oil2580Used to make oily fishing rods during the Heroes QuestHarralander HarralanderBlamish snail slimeBlamish snail slime
Energy potion (4)Energy potion2667.5Restores 10% run energyHarralander HarralanderChocolate dust Chocolate dust
Defence potion (4)Defence potion 30 75 Temporarily raises Defence level by 10% plus 3. Ranarr weed Ranarr weed White berries White berries Generally not made - prayer potions are an effective defence against most attacks and far more widely used.
Marrentill tarMarrentill tar 31 42.5 Ammo for Orange salamander Marrentill Marrentill Swamp tar 15 Swamp tar
Agility potion (4)Agility potion 34 80 +3 Agility Toadflax ToadflaxToad's legs Toad's legs You can only obtain Toadflax from the Brimhaven agility mini-game, Pest Control, or grown using the Farming skill, as a rare drop from the tree spirit random event, or the Temple Trekking mini-game.
Combat potion (4)Combat potion3684Effect of both Attack potion and Strength potion Harralander HarralanderGoat horn dustGoat horn dust
Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion3887.5Restores 25% of your total Prayer points plus 7. Ranarr weed Ranarr weed Snape grass Snape grassEffect increased by Holy wrench.
Tarromin tarTarromin tar3955Ammo for Red salamanderTarrominTarrominSwamp tar 15 Swamp tar
Harralander tarHarralander tar4472.5Ammo for Black salamanderHarralander HarralanderSwamp tar 15 Swamp tar
Super attack (4)Super attack45100Temporarily increases Attack level by 15% plus 5.Irit leaf Irit leafEye of newt Eye of newt
Superantipoison (4)Superantipoison48106.3Cures poison and provides immunity for 6 minutes.Irit leaf Irit leafUnicorn horn dust Unicorn horn dust
Fishing potion (4)Fishing potion50112.5 +3 FishingAvantoe AvantoeSnape grass Snape grassCan be used to get into the Fishing Guild if you are a few levels short.
Super energy (4)Super energy potion52117.5Restores 20% run energyAvantoeAvantoeMort myre fungus Mort myre fungi
Shrink-me-quickShrink-me-quick526Reduce player size during Grim Tales QuestTarromin TarrominShrunk oglerootShrunk ogleroot
Hunter potion (4)Hunter potion5387.5Boosts Hunter by 3 based on level.Avantoe AvantoeKebbit teeth dust Kebbit teeth dustKebbit teeth are found from deadfalling Sabre-Toothed Kebbits.
Super strength (4)Super strength55125Temporarily increases Strength level by 15% plus 5.Kwuarm KwuarmLimpwurt root Limpwurt root
Magic essence potionMagic essence potion57130 +3 MagicStarflower StarflowerGorak claw powder Gorak claw powderMade during A Fairy Tale Part II quest, and components are only available via the Fairy rings while wielding a dramen staff or Lunar staff. Not tradeable.
Weapon poisonWeapon poison60137.5For use on arrows, daggers, spears, javelins, darts, and knivesKwuarm KwuarmBlue dragon scale Blue dragon scale
Super restore (4)Super restore63142.5Restores all stats except hitpoints, including prayer points by 25% plus 8.Snapdragon SnapdragonRed spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggsYou can only obtain Snapdragon from the Brimhaven agility mini-game, or grown using the Farming skill, or as a rare drop from the Tree spirit random event, or the minigame Pest control.
Sanfew serum (4)Sanfew serum 65 160 Sanfew Serum combines the properties of super restore, cure poison and cure disease potions all in one Snapdragon SnapdragonRed spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggs, Unicorn horn dust Unicorn horn dust, Snake weedSnake weed and Nail beast nails Nail beast nailsSee Super restore potion. Nail Beast Nails are from Mini Game Temple Trekking. Partial experience is given for each addition of one of the secondary ingredients in this potion.
Super defence (4)Super defence potion66150Temporarily increases defence level by 15% plus 5.Cadantine CadantineWhite berries White berries
Antidote+ (4)Antidote+68155Cures and gives immunity to poison for 9 minutes. Toadflax ToadflaxYew roots Yew rootsRequires coconut milk in place of water.
Antifire potion (4) Anti-fire potion69157.5Provides some resistance to dragons breath.Lantadyme LantadymeBlue dragon scaleCan be used with an antidragon fire shield to completely prevent dragonfire damage. Each dose lasts about 6 minutes.
Ranging potion (4) Ranging potion72162.5Temporarily increases Ranged level by +10% plus 4.Dwarf weed Dwarf weedWine of zamorak Wine of Zamorak
Weapon poison+ Weapon poison+ 73 165 For use on arrows, daggers, javelins, spears, darts and knives Coconut milk Coconut milk Cactus spine Cactus spine
Red spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggs
Requires coconut milk in place of water
Magic potion (4) Magic potion76172.5 +4 MagicLantadyme LantadymePotato cactus Potato cactus
Stamina potion (4) Stamina potion77102 (4 x 25.5) Stamina potion restores 20% of your energy and reduces the rate that run energy depletes while running by 70% for 2 minutes.Super energy (4) Super energy potion Amylase crystal 5 Amylase crystalAmylase crystals can be obtained by spending your Marks of Grace on the Amylase crystal packs
Zamorak brew (4) Zamorak brew78175Boosts Strength by 12% plus 2, Attack by 20% plus 2, but lowers Defence and Hitpoints by 10% plus 2.Torstol Torstol Jangerberries JangerberriesTorstol can only be obtained from the Yanille Agility dungeon herb chest, or grown using the Farming skill
Antidote++ (4) Antidote++79177.5Cures poison and provides immunity for a long time Coconut milk Coconut milk Irit leaf Irit leaf Magic roots Magic roots Requires coconut milk in place of water
Saradomin brew (4)Saradomin brew81180Boosts Defence and Hitpoints but lowers Attack and StrengthToadflax ToadflaxCrushed nest Crushed bird's nestSee above for Toadflax locations.
Weapon poison++Weapon poison++82190For use on arrows, daggers, spears, darts and knives Coconut milk Coconut milk Cave nightshade Nightshade
Poison ivy berries Poison ivy berries
Requires coconut milk in place of water.
Extended antifire (4)Extended antifire84110Provides some resistance to dragons breath.Antifire potion (4) Antifire potionLava scale shard 5Lava scale shardCan be used with an antidragon fire shield to completely prevent dragonfire damage. Each dose lasts about 12 minutes. Each scale creates one dose.
Anti-venom (4)Anti-venom87120Instantly cures venomAntidote++ (4) Antidote++Zulrah's scalesZulrah's scalesFive scales creates one dose, so 20 scales are required to make a 4-dosed anti-venom.
Super combat potion (4)Super combat potion 90 150 Combines the properties of super attack, super strength and super defence potions all in one Torstol TorstolSuper attack (4) Super attack, Super strength (4) Super strength, and Super defence (4) Super defence
Anti-venom+ (4)Anti-venom+94125Instantly cures venom and provides immunity to it for five minutesAnti-venom (4) Anti-venomTorstolTorstol

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