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Herblore training ranges from cleaning herbs to making potions which can only begin after completing the Druidic Ritual quest granting the player level 3 Herblore. To make a potion, the player will have to gather the required ingredients, usually a herb of some sort along with a secondary ingredient, and use them on a vial of water.

Notes Edit

  • Vials of Water can be obtained in packs of 100 at various stores (click for shop list).
  • A good way to train Herblore with minimal profit loss is to kill monsters with a high herb drop rate, such as Al Kharid guards and Chaos Druids.
  • Many herbs and ingredients can be grown using the Farming skill.
  • For information about the cost per experience, see Calculator:Herblore/Potions

Levels Edit

Level 1 to 3Edit

Do the Druidic Ritual quest. The experience toward Herblore given as one of the quest rewards will get you to a Herblore level of 3.

Level 3 to 9Edit

It is recommended to do the Jungle Potion quest in order to go straight to level 9.

Level 9 to 13Edit

You can complete Recruitment Drive to get from level 9 to 13.

Level 13 to 19Edit

You can complete The Dig Site to get from level 13 to 19. 25 Thieving and 10 Agility are also required.

Levels 9 to 12 Edit

Make attack potions the ingredients for which are a vial of water, a Guam leaf and an eye of newt. They give 25 experience per potion.

The steps to complete one are:

  1. Use the Guam leaf with the Vial of water to create a Guam potion (unf).
  2. Use the Eye of newt with the Guam potion (unf) to make an Attack potion.

The player is required to make 87 Attack potions to reach level 15 if Jungle Potion has not been completed.

If the player has completed Jungle Potion, they are only required to make 55 Attack potions.


  • Although after level 5 there are better ways to train Herblore, making Attack potions is a good way to dispose of unneeded Guam Leaves while gaining some Herblore experience.
  • The secondary ingredient, eye of newt, can be bought from Jatix's Herblore Shop in Taverley or from Betty's Magic Emporium in Port Sarim.
  • This method is one of the cheapest ways of reaching level 15.
  • It is possible to farm your own guam at level 9 Farming.

Levels 12 to 26Edit

At level 12, players are able to create Strength potions.

Strength potions require a Tarromin and a Limpwurt root to create, granting 50 experience per potion.

It will take 127 Strength potions to reach level 26.


Levels 15 to 38+ Edit

After reaching level 15, a fairly cheap route is to start the quest Shades of Mort'ton up to the point where the player learns to make Serum 207.

Serum 207 requires Tarromin and Ashes to create and gives 50 experience per potion.

It will take 127 Serum 207 potions to reach level 26.


  • Tarromin and ashes are both relatively cheap to purchase on the Grand Exchange.
  • It is possible to farm your own Tarromin at level 19 Farming.
  • This method is incredibly click intensive, as there is no "Make All" option when making Serum 207, and so each potion will have to be made individually.

Levels 26 to 38 Edit

At level 26, players are able to create energy potions .

To create an Energy potion you need harralander and chocolate dust granting 67.5 experience per potion.

It will take 322 Energy potions to reach level 38.

At 31 the player may do the quest Eadgar's Ruse granting 11,000 Herblore experience allowing you to reach level 36.

It will take 159 Energy potions to reach level 38 if Eadgar's Ruse is completed.


Levels 38-55 Edit

At level 38, players are able to create Prayer potions which are the best way to train. They have high demand and sell very fast.

To create a Prayer potion, you need Ranarr weed and Snape grass granting 87.5 experience per potion.

It will take 1557 prayer potions to reach level 55 from level 38.

Levels 36 to 55 (Alternative Method) Edit

Combat potions are an alternative to the prayer potion method. The materials cost considerably more than the finished potion but they sell relatively quickly. To create a combat potion, you need harralander and goat horn dust.

  • Combat potions give 84 experience per potion.
  • Level 36-55 Herblore requires 141,821 experience.
  • 141,821 / 84 = 1688.3 = 1689 combat potions to reach level 55.


  • Goat horns are significantly cheaper before they are ground into dust. Consider buying the horns intact and grinding them yourself to save money.

Levels 55 to 69 Edit

Make super strength potions. They require level 55 Herblore.

To create a super strength potion, you need kwuarm and limpwurt root.

  • Super strength potions give 125 experience per potion.
  • Level 55-69 requires 501,415 experience.
  • 501,415 / 125 = 4012

4012 super strength potions are required to reach level 69.


  • The ingredients are fairly easy to obtain from other players, but the loss per potion can range from 500 gp to breaking even. With current GE prices you will lose about 1000 coins per potion.
  • Kwuarm can be grown with level 56 Farming.
  • Limpwurt root can be grown at level 26 Farming.

Levels 69 to 81/99 Edit

Antifire potions become available at level 69 Herblore. To create an antifire potion, you need lantadyme and dragon scale dust.

  • Antifire potions give 157.5 experience per potion.
  • Level 69-81 requires 1,524,767 experience.
  • 1,524,767 / 157.5 = 9682

9682 antifire potions are required to reach level 81 for Saradomin brews.

  • Level 69-72 requires 231,206 experience.
  • 231,206 / 157.5 = 1468

1468 antifire potions are required to reach level 72 for ranging potions.

  • Level 69-99 requires 12,366,380 experience.
  • 12,366,380 / 157.5 = 78,517

78,517 antifire potions are required for level 99.


  • The cost to produce these potions is considerably less than super strength, as lantadyme can usually be obtained for 700-1.5k, and the secondary ingredient, dragon scale dust, is ~300-500gp.
  • There isn't much profit (if any) to be made, but these are the fastest and cheapest potions to make from a raw cost/xp perspective.

Levels 72 to 81 or 72 to 99 Edit

Ranging potions are available at level 72. They give 162.5 experience per potion.

To create a ranging potion, you need dwarf weed and wine of Zamorak.

  • Level 72-81 requires 1,293,561 experience.
  • 1,293,561 / 162.5 = 7961

7961 ranging potions are required to reach level 81 for Saradomin brews.

  • Level 72-99 requires 12,135,174 experience.
  • 12,135,174 / 162.5 = 74,678

74,678 ranging potions are required to reach level 99.


  • The loss is about the same per potion as super strengths, unless you decide to camp the spawn spot for its secondary ingredient: wine of Zamorak.
  • Ranging potions only offer 5 experience more than antifire potions. While the raw materials cost approximately twice as much, they do sell for more than anti-fire potions proportionate to the cost of materials.

Levels 81 to 99 Edit

At level 81, players are able to make Saradomin brews. These give 180 experience per potion.

To create a Saradomin brew, you need toadflax and crushed nests.

  • Level 81-99 requires 10,841,613 experience.
  • 10,841,613 / 180 = 60232

60,232 Saradomin brews are required to reach level 99.


  • Can be profitable if materials are gathered correctly.
  • It might be recommended for players who have completed Throne of Miscellania quest to use their kingdom to gather the nests required for this potion.

Levels 90 to 99 Edit

At level 90, players are able to make super combat potions. These give 150 experience per potion.

To create a super combat potion, you need torstol, super strength (4), super defence (4) and super attack (4).


  • Most of the time this is profitable. However, prices change daily.

Levels 94 to 99 Edit

At level 94, players are able to make anti-venom+ potions(4 dose). These give 125 experience per potion.

If creating every single potion manually this can be the fastest Herblore experience in the game.

To create an anti-venom potion+ you need a torstol and an anti-venom potion.


  • Sometimes this method can be profitable depending on the prices.

Other Methods Edit

Herb cleaning Edit

Cleaning grimy herbs can reward fairly good experience and often results in a profit. To find out if money will be lost or gained, look at the cost of the grimy herb and compare it to the cost of the clean herb.

This method is tedious. However, making potions always results in a loss, often surpassing 50%, while cleaning the herbs results in a gain. Overall, if you are willing to commit the time, cleaning herbs is a much more cost-efficient method to gain herblore experience.

The following rates assume you are cleaning 5,000 herbs per hour.

Herblore-icon Level Herb Grimy Clean Herblore-icon Clean XP Coins 1000 Profit XP/Hour Profit/Hour
Icon Coins 1000 Price Icon Coins 1000 Price
3 Guam Grimy guam leaf 9 Guam leaf 15 2.5 6 12,500 30,000
5 Marrentill Grimy marrentill 13 Marrentill 25 3.8 12 19,000 60,000
11 Tarromin Grimy tarromin 99 Tarromin 122 5 23 25,000 115,000
20 Harralander Grimy harralander 485 Harralander 509 6.3 24 31,500 120,000
25 Ranarr Grimy ranarr weed 7,388 Ranarr weed 7,443 7.5 55 37,500 275,000
30 Toadflax Grimy toadflax 2,435 Toadflax 2,452 8 17 40,000 85,000
40 Irit leaf Grimy irit leaf 899 Irit leaf 918 8.8 19 44,000 95,000
48 Avantoe Grimy avantoe 2,166 Avantoe 2,172 10 6 50,000 30,000
54 Kwuarm Grimy kwuarm 1,991 Kwuarm 2,026 11.3 35 56,500 175,000
59 Snapdragon Grimy snapdragon 8,159 Snapdragon 8,190 11.8 31 59,000 155,000
65 Cadantine Grimy cadantine 1,228 Cadantine 1,288 12.5 60 62,500 300,000
67 Lantadyme Grimy lantadyme 1,663 Lantadyme 1,794 13.1 131 65,500 655,000
70 Dwarf weed Grimy dwarf weed 858 Dwarf weed 852 13.8 -6 69,000 -30,000
75 Torstol Grimy torstol 4,967 Torstol 4,873 15 -94 75,000 -470,000

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