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Horvik's Armour Shop is located near central Varrock. It is operated by Horvik, and he specializes in selling chainbodies and platebodies. The shop is unusual because the building also houses an anvil. This makes it a convenient place for a player to sell armour as they smith it. By default, Horvik's stock consists of bronze, iron, steel, and mithril chainbodies; bronze, iron, steel, black, and mithril platebodies; and studded body and chaps.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Bronze chainbody Bronze chainbody 5 60 6
Iron chainbody Iron chainbody 3 210 146
Steel chainbody Steel chainbody 3 750 289
Mithril chainbody Mithril chainbody 1 1,950 986
Bronze platebody Bronze platebody 3 160 20
Iron platebody Iron platebody 1 560 176
Steel platebody Steel platebody 1 2,000 1,004
Black platebody Black platebody 1 3,840 3,438
Mithril platebody Mithril platebody 1 5,200 2,896
Iron platelegs Iron platelegs 1 280 110
Studded body Studded body 1 850 409
Studded chaps Studded chaps 1 750 404

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