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Ice Barrage

Ice Barrage icon


Magic-icon 94








Ice diamond Ice




2Blood rune4Death rune6Water rune


Desert Treasure

Ice Barrage
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Ice Barrage is a spell that can be cast at level 94 Magic. Ice Barrage is currently the strongest spell in the game as it is capable of hitting up to 30 damage (34 if the user is wielding a Staff of the dead; 37 with Occult necklace and Staff of the dead; 39 with Tormented bracelet, Occult necklace and Staff of the dead) and if on slayer task up to 42 with an imbued mask or slayer helm. As well as being able to freeze opponents in a 3x3 area for 20 seconds.

As with all Ancient Magicks spells, it can only be cast using the Ancient Magic spellbook unlocked by completing the Desert Treasure quest.

Players often use this spell to gain good amounts of XP per hour as it gives 52+ XP per spell cast. Because of this and its effectiveness, it is often used in the Castle Wars minigame. It also gives more Hitpoints experience when used at chinning spots than regular red chinchompas do.

Remember, you cannot use Lunar spells or Standard spells if you are using Ancient Magicks. However, this does not apply to spell tablets.


Spell cost
4Death rune2Blood rune6Water rune1,606
Combo runes
4Death rune2Blood rune6Mud rune3,160
4Death rune2Blood rune6Steam rune2,062
4Death rune2Blood rune6Mist rune1,636
4Death rune2Blood runeStaff of water1,576
4Death rune2Blood runeMist battlestaff1,576
4Death rune2Blood runeMud battlestaff1,576
4Death rune2Blood runeSteam battlestaff1,576

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