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Icons are symbols on a player's map (minimap or world map) representing certain buildings and locations.

World map icon key Edit

The world map has many different types of icons:

World map icon key Location and notes
General store icon General store Most towns
Sword shop icon Sword shop Varrock, Keldagrim, The Grand Tree, Taverley and Burthorpe.
Magic shop icon Magic shop Nine shops, some located in Varrock, Port Sarim, the Void Knights' Outpost, and the Mage Arena.
Axe shop icon Axe shop Warriors' Guild, Port Sarim, Lumbridge
Helmet shop iconHelmet shopBarbarian Village, Rellekka.
Bank iconBank Most large towns, and some mini games. None in the Wilderness, except in the Mage Arena.
Quest iconQuest start Various places, mostly on continental Gielinor and centred in towns and cities; especially dense in Ardougne and just east of White Wolf Mountain.
Amulet shop iconAmulet shop Brimhaven
Mining site iconMining site Various places, mostly outside of towns and cities.
Furnace iconFurnace site Various towns and cities.
Anvil iconAnvil Various places, generally in towns and cities. Two in the Wilderness.
Combat training iconCombat trainingBurthorpe, Varrock
Dungeon iconDungeon Many places, extremely dense in Gu'Tanoth. None in Morytania.
Staff shop iconStaff shopVarrock
Platebody shop iconPlatebody shopVarrock, Ardougne.
Platelegs shop iconPlatelegs shopAl Kharid
Scimitar shop iconScimitar shopAl Kharid, Ape Atoll
Archery shop iconArchery shopRimmington, Keldagrim, Catherby, Lletya, the Dwarven Mines, beneath White Wolf Mountain, Void Knights' Outpost
Shield shop iconShield shopFalador, Keldagrim
Altar iconAltarMany places, mostly in continental Gielinor. Only three on islands - one on Entrana, one on Tutorial Island, and another on Ape Atoll. None in Morytania. Fairly evenly placed inside and outside towns.
Herbalist iconHerbalistTaverley, Entrana, Nardah, Miscellania, Gu'Tanoth
Jewellery shop iconJewellery Port Sarim
Gem shop iconGem shopKeldagrim, Falador, Ardougne, Al Kharid
Crafting shop iconCrafting shopKeldagrim, Rimmington, Al Kharid, Ape Atoll
Candle shop iconCandle shopCatherby
Fishing shop iconFishing shop Port Sarim, Catherby, Rellekka, Miscellania and Etceteria, Witchaven, and the Fishing Guild
Fishing spot iconFishing spot Many places which border water. Often placed in clusters, such as in Catherby and in the Fishing Guild in Hemenster.
Clothes shop iconClothes shop Several places. Mostly minor towns such as Canifis. The only three in large cities are in Keldagrim and Varrock.
Apothecary iconApothecary Varrock, Warriors' Guild
Silk trader iconSilk traderArdougne, Al Kharid. Keldagrim
Kebab seller iconKebab seller Al-Kharid, Pollnivneach, Keldagrim
Pub iconPub/bar Many places, mostly in towns and cities. Also mostly in continental Gielinor, with only a few on islands - three in Karamja and one in Mos Le'Harmless
Mace shop iconMace shop Falador
Tannery iconTanneryAl Kharid, Crafting Guild, Ranging Guild, Neitiznot, Canifis
Rare tree iconRare trees Many places, few in towns or cities.
Spinning wheel iconSpinning wheel Lumbridge, Falador, Seers Village, Sophanem, Neitiznot
Food shop iconFood shop Canifis, Keldagrim, Sophanem, Ardougne Cooking Guild, Port Sarim, Miscellania Dungeon (after Royal Trouble)
Cookery shop iconCookery shop Yanille, Cooking Guild
Minigame iconMini-game Many places
Water source iconWater source Many places
Cooking range iconCooking Range Many places
Skirt shop iconSkirt shop Al-Kharid
Potter's wheel iconPotters wheel Rellekka, Barbarian Village, Crafting Guild, Ardougne
Windmill iconWindmill East of Draynor, West of Varrock, and North of Ardougne, Zanaris, Harmony Island
Mining shop iconMining shop Dwarven Mines, Keldagrim
Chainmail shop iconChainmail shop Falador
Silver shop iconSilver shop Keldagrim, East Ardougne
Fur trader iconFur trader Varrock, Rellekka, East Ardougne
Spice shop iconSpice shop Ardougne
Agility trainingAgility training See: Agility
Hunter training map iconHunter training See: Hunter
Vegetable store iconVegetable store Two in Miscellania
Slayer master iconSlayer master See: Slayer
Hairdresser iconHair dressers Falador
Farming patch iconFarming patch See: Farming
Makeover mage iconMakeover mage Southwest of Falador
Guide iconGuide Lumbridge (and many other places as of an update in October 2006)
Transportation iconTransportation Just about anywhere
Player-owned house iconPOH portalRimmington, Taverley, Pollnivneach, Rellekka, Brimhaven and Yanille
Farming shop iconFarming shop Four next to various Farming patches
Loom iconLoom South of Falador, and in Tirannwn
Brewery iconBrewery Port Phasmatys, Keldagrim (not seen on map due to its underground loation.)
Dairy churn iconDairy churn Most farming-related places
Real Estate icon Estate agentVarrock, Seers' Village, Falador and Ardougne
Saw mill iconSaw mill Varrock lumberyard
Shortcut iconAgility Short-cut Many places
Bounty Hunter Store iconBounty Hunter Store Edgeville
Poll booth iconPoll Booth Mostly located near banks
Achievement Diary icon Achievement Diary Starter Karamja, Ardougne, Falador, Rellekka, Camelot, Shanty Pass, Lumbridge, Canifis, Varrock, Edgeville, and Tree Gnome Stronghold
Kourend favour activityFavour-gaining activities Great Kourend
Ironman map iconIron Man TutorOutside Lumbridge Castle
Sand pit iconSand PitEntrana, Yanille, Rellekka and Zanaris

Minimap icon table Edit

This concise icon table is useful when a player wishes to identify an icon on the minimap.

Icons Icons Icons Icons Icons
General store icon General store Sword shop icon Sword shop Magic shop icon Magic shop Axe shop icon Axe shop Helmet shop icon Helmet shop
Bank icon Bank Quest icon Quest start Amulet shop icon Amulet shop Mining site icon Mine Furnace icon Furnace
Anvil icon Anvil Combat training icon Combat training Dungeon icon Dungeon Staff shop icon Staff shop Platebody shop icon Platebody shop
Platelegs shop icon Platelegs shop Scimitar shop icon Scimitar shop Archery shop icon Ranging shop Shield shop icon Shield shop Altar icon Altar
Herbalist icon Herbalist Jewellery shop icon Jewellery shop Gem shop icon Gem shop Crafting shop icon Crafting shop Candle shop icon Candle shop
Fishing shop icon Fishing shop Fishing spot icon Fishing spot Clothes shop icon Clothes shop Apothecary icon Apothecary Silk trader icon Silk trader
Kebab seller icon Kebab seller Pub icon Pub/Bar Mace shop icon Mace shop Tannery icon Tannery Rare tree icon Rare trees
Spinning wheel icon Spinning wheel Food shop icon Food shop Cookery shop icon Cookery shop Minigame icon Minigame Water source icon Water source
Cooking range icon Range Skirt shop icon Skirt shop Potter's wheel icon Potter's wheel Windmill icon Windmill Mining shop icon Mining shop
Chainmail shop icon Chainbody shop Silver shop icon Silver shop Fur trader icon Fur trader Spice shop icon Spice shop Agility training Agility training
Vegetable store icon Vegetable store Slayer master icon Slayer master Hairdresser icon Hair dressers Farming patch icon Farming patch Hunter training map icon Hunter training
Guide icon Guide Player-owned house icon House portal Transportation icon Transportation Farming shop icon Farming shop Loom icon Loom
Brewery icon Brewery Dairy churn icon Dairy churn Real Estate icon Estate agent Saw mill icon Saw mill Shortcut icon Agility shortcut
Makeover mage icon Makeover mage Holiday event icon Holiday Event Achievement Diary icon Achievement Diary Bounty Hunter Store icon Bounty Hunter Store Poll booth icon Poll Booth
Kourend favour activity Kourend favour activity Ironman map iconIron Man TutorSand pit iconSand Pit

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