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The current Old School Runescape interface

The interface is the screen containing different buttons which, when clicked, display different pieces of information. Some parts of the interface are permanently open, for example, the minimap, of the chat bar.

Minimap Edit

The minimap is the section which shows a portion of the map around the player, including coloured dots, showing where people or items are, and icons, showing where features of the area are.

Compass Edit

The compass lives next to the top-left of the minimap, and shows the player where north is. It is useful for keeping your sense of direction.

Control Panel Edit

Icon Name
Combat Options
Quest list
Worn epuipment
Clan Chat
Friend List
Ignore List
Music Player

Other control panel interfaces Edit

Icon Name
Equipment Stats
Items kept on death

Chat bar Edit

The chat bar is the bar which the player uses to communicate with other players and see what other players are saying. You can use prefixes such as red: or wavy: to change the way the text will appear on the screen. You can also talk to NCPs on this bar, private message, and engage in a clan chat.

Command Line Codes Edit

Some options can be typed at the command line/chat bar to change the game display.

::toggleroof - turns roofs on or off. Note the two colons in front of the command.

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