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This article is about the members Ironman guide. For the non-member version, see Free-to-play Ironman guide.
Ironman Account Creation Area

In order for your account to be an official ironman, you must speak to Adam or Paul before leaving the island.

Ironman Mode and Ultimate Ironman Mode are account-types that were released in Old School RuneScape on 13 October 2014, as official support for the Ironman style of playing, where players are completely self-sufficient.

Both modes can only be activated by speaking to either Adam or Paul on Tutorial Island before being teleported to the mainland. You are also able to decide if you would like to be able to type in your bank pin to revert your ironman account into a regular account, or if you want it to be permanent.

Hardcore Ironman Mode released November 10th, 2016, works in the exact same way as a standard Ironman account, simply with the added challenge of only one life. Your one life will only be claimed by a dangerous death. Safe deaths, such as those in many minigames, will not cause you to lose your Hardcore status.

Starting OffEdit

Typically, the first step when creating a new account is to create goals, both long term and short term, that allow you to not only stay on track but to also make sure that you don't complete a quest that levels or over-levels a skill that you didn't intend to. One of the main things you should consider before leveling any combat skills is how your combat level will affect all of the various methods of obtaining things through the wilderness. For example, an ironman account may keep their combat level at 3 so that they can catch black chinchompas in the wilderness with little to no chance of being killed via PVP. Another good example, it is worth keeping all combat stats but magic at 1 so you can kill Lava dragons without getting PKed. Regardless of when you start training your combat levels, the most efficient way to level your combat stats is by completing quests which give you large amounts of experience. This causes you to be able to quickly jump up and kick-start leveling so that instead of killing chickens with a bronze dagger, you are able to complete the Waterfall Quest and then The Feud to be able to start training with an Adamant Scimitar before even touching a monster.

General Tips and TricksEdit

Ultimate ironman chat badge A looting bag allows you to store 28 items. You can only store items when standing in the wilderness. Items in the looting bag do not add to your total weight. Barrows items in the looting bag will not degrade when you die (needs confirmation). Since ultimate ironmen cannot use banks, you can only get your items out of the bag by dying and picking up the items; this will destroy the bag. It is therefore not advised to get high-effort items that disappear on death, such as gem bags or coal bags. Looting bags are dropped by all monsters within the wilderness. The easiest spots are therefore the Giant rats north of Varrock or the skeletons north of Edgeville. A looting bag is counted as a weapon/banned item and can therefore not be taken to Entrana (unless it contains no banned items) or Glarial's Tomb (even if empty). Destroying a looting bag will destroy the items inside and it therefore should be taken into account when doing activities that don't allow a looting bag to be taken inside, like going to the aforementioned areas.

Complete the Enter the Abyss miniquest upon finishing Rune Mystery Quest as it grants 1,000 Runecrafting experience, gives you the small rune pouch, and allows the player to access the Abyss.



Trained as normal. Walk or teleport to the highest level course you are able to train on.

The Agility Pyramid is also a good option should you need gold during the early stages of your ironman, as you can net up to 200,000 gold per hour depending on your Agility level.

At higher levels, if getting marks of grace for amylase crystals is a priority, train on Rellekka Agility Course instead of Seers' Village Agility Course from level 80 onwards.


Do not bother training any combat stats 1-40, do quests right off the bat to get these levels extremely fast/easily, such as Waterfall, Fight Arena, Vampire Slayer, and Tree Gnome Village. All of the bosses in these quests can be safespotted and easily defeated with fire strike.

The Stronghold of Security is a good training option at any combat level, due to the gradual increase in difficulty and abundance of monsters.

Some popular mid-level gear:

Popular sources of food are:


Planks spawn in various locations. Some locations are close to a deposit box like in Port Khazard.

Do not buy iron nails as they are more expensive than steel nails.

Soft clay can be obtained in Rimmington with a bucket of water, mining clay and then turn it into soft clay by using a bucket of water on the clay. You can fill your buckets at the house in Rimmington. Once you have the soft clay you go straight to your house and train construction (Clay fireplace).

From levels 33-74 you should make Oak larders which requires 17,968 oak planks which = 4,492,000 gp making oak planks.

Balloon Method Edit

Regular planks and Oak planks can be made efficiently by taking advantage of the Balloon transport system and loot bags.

Requirements Edit
Procedure Edit
Starting at Castle Wars, take the balloon to Varrock Lumber Yard via Balloon. Cut the trees you want to turn into planks until your inventory is full. Pay the Sawmill operator to cut your logs into planks. Head north into the Wilderness to fill the loot bag with your planks. Exit the Wilderness to repeat the process until your loot bag and inventory are full, then travel back to Castle Wars with your ring. If you have 60 Firemaking-icon and 60 Woodcutting-icon, you can chop one of the Yew trees south of the lumber yard and take the Balloon back to Castle Wars, which conserves your potentially few rings of duelling.


Levels 1 - 20 Edit

IM guide - Looting raw chickens

Partially completing Pirate's Treasure will give you access to the back room of Wydins food shop in Port Sarim. The north-western crates have unlimited Raw chicken, which nets about 3,000-4,000 exp per hour. Once you are level 20, it's best to cook trout and pike beside the Barbarian Village until level 30, where you can cook Tuna in Karamja.

Level 35+Edit

Make wine from buying grapes and jugs from the Culinaromancer's Chest in Lumbridge Castle basement. Each completed subquest in Recipe for Disaster adds 1 grape to the food store in the chest, up to 8 total. After defeating the Culinaromancer, the number will increase to 10. Buy the stock and hop worlds to get a new full chest. Each successfully fermented wine gives 200 Cooking experience. Wines may occassionally go bad, this also occurs at higher cooking levels. However, this method can still earn you as much as 200k cooking experience per hour, if using Lunar spells to fill the jugs with water.


Ironman chat badge

For Ironmen, a good way to train Crafting is to buy buckets of sand and soda ash at any Trader crewmember in Port Khazard. Then, quickly bank them using the bank deposit box a short way to the north-west. You can then smelt these into molten glass at any furnace (The one in Port Phasmatys and Edgeville are both close to banks) and then into other glass items with a glassblowing pipe for good experience.

Another good way is to buy silver ores from the Blast Furnace smithing them into bars, and then crafting them into silver tiaras. These can also be sold to general stores for a little profit.

Elemental Workshop I and II will net you a total of 12.5k Crafting (and Smithing) experience, with relatively low skill requirements and being fairly easy to do.

The Hand in the Sand quest once you've gotten 49 Crafting, is highly beneficial, since you can receive 84 free buckets of sand each day from Bert.

Ultimate ironman chat badge

For Ultimate Ironmen, a good way to train Crafting is to buy buckets of sand and soda ash at any Trader crewmember in Port Phasmatys. Then smelt them into molten glass at the furnace close to the port, then use a glassblowing pipe to make them into other glass items. You can then sell back your products to the traders, since they are a general store. Hop worlds to quickly get a full inventory.

Another method for low-medium crafting is to mine silver in the TzHaar city, which can then quickly be smelted into bars using the furnace or Superheat Item spell. Lastly, the silver bars can be crafted into silver items - bolts are recommended as they stack and can provide fletching experience later. This method can be used to train Smithing, Crafting, Mining, Fletching and Magic.


Questing is a very effective way to train from level 1 to 39 without any actual Farming training, skipping much of the tediousness of low-level Farming and seed collecting. (Refer to the Quest experience rewards page to see the relevant quests.)

When paying Farmers to look after Bushes, Trees, and Fruit trees, don't use any compost as this doesn't affect the time of growth nor the yield when harvesting as it is a fixed harvest. This saves you from wasting your compost.

Tool leprechauns will note all farmed products for you, these can be unnoted at a bank. This includes products which can be farmed and from other sources. A notable exception is the leprechaun at the Falador farm, will not note cabbages.

An effective method for obtaining the early allotment and herb seeds to progress through the lower levels of farming is to pick-pocket master farmers (38 Thieving). Martin the Master Gardener in particular has a higher rate of obtaining herb seeds which will be extremely beneficial, however pick-pocketing him requires twice the amount of clicks as he has a "Talk-to" left click.

Potatoes, cabbages, and onions can be gathered indefinitely by going to farming patches and collecting them by hand and storing them in sacks. This is a great method for low level players and it provides payment for low level allotment crops. Bananas can be picked on Karamja and Ape Atoll or purchased from the Traders.

Pineapples can be purchased from Trader Stan's Trading Post or collected at Brimhaven. There are 6 trees that produces 5 pineapples. This is a great way to make super compost early in the game.

Woodcutting will occasionally drop birds nest which contain tree seeds, which are very good for xp.

Mammoths, located in the wilderness, have chances of dropping tree seeds. All uncommon drops.

Planting Barley and Potatoes are easy ways to continue farming when you are low on seeds. Their payments are bucket of composts which can easily be made or bought. Even though this is not the greatest or fastest method, it does keep the exp flowing for cheap.

Bringing sacks and baskets to food shops is a great way to buy bulks of farming products without having to bank as often. Plan accordingly.

Currently the most efficient way for training Farming is the Tithe Farm in Hosidius, Great Kourend. Requirements are 100% favour in Hosidius House and 34 Farming. When done in combination with regular farm runs, players can gain Farming experience well above a hundred thousand per hour at higher levels.


This skill is best trained simultaneously with woodcutting. Light the logs you chop as you go. However, you could alternatively bank the logs and then light enough logs to keep your firemaking and woodcutting within the same level(s). By doing this, you could use the remainder of your logs for fletching.

Collect Maple Logs from Miscellania if you don't want to woodcut.

Wintertodt is a good alternative as well. You can stay here from 50 Firemaking all the way to 99, as well as getting many items to help in other skills.

Ultimate ironman chat badge
For ultimate ironmen: clear as much inventory space as possible to minimize time traveling to lighting logs.


Fishing and cooking trout and salmon at Baxtorian Falls and selling to Rasolo is the fastest method if you desire experience in both skills.

Otherwise, do Barbarian fishing and drop or cut the fish.

An alternative method would be to catch Monkfish (62 Fishing required) after the Swan Song quest, if you want good food for other activities like quests and Slayer.


Fletching an unstrung bow from a log gives the same experience as attaching a bow string to an unstrung bow, making it quicker to fletch the unstrung bows and selling them to a general store, up until higher levels, where you may chose to string them in order to high alch them.

Managing Miscellania is a good way to obtain mass amounts of maple logs, which can be fletched into unstrung maple longbows. These can be sold to a general store, or alched for little cost.

Doing the Kandarin Achievement Diary will allow you to exchange 30, 60, 120 or 250 flax for bowstrings each day from the Flax keeper south of Seer's Village. The easy diary requires 16 fishing, 13 farming, 20 agility and either 42 crafting for a fishbowl or receive it as a rare drop from monsters.

Ultimate ironman chat badge
For Ultimate Ironmen, smithing mithril dart tips at the Blast Furnace to train Fletching with would yield the best rates per hour. Otherwise you can simply cut logs and fletch them into bows on the spot. The south-east of the Grand Tree has all tree, from normal to magic, and flax plants located next to 2 spinning wheels. If one desires to make bows for alching, that spot give you the most per hour.


Training Slayer is an excellent method of obtaining herbs and herb seeds, as many slayer monsters (such as Aberrant Spectres) frequently drop assorted types of them. Plant all herb seeds you get from Slayer monsters.

Kill Flesh Crawlers or Chaos druids for fast herb drops. Collect all herbs at low levels. At higher levels, you should only be collecting specific herbs (e.g Marrentill, Kwuarm, etc.); a herb bag can help with the collection of herbs. Be careful if you go to Chaos druids, since they are located in the Wilderness part of Edgeville Dungeon.

Tool leprechauns will note both grimy and clean herbs for you, these can be unnoted at a bank.

Purchasing the Herb Sack for 750 Slayer Points will store 30 grimy herbs of each type.

Playing the Sorceress Garden minigame provides herbs. Noting the herbs at the leprechaun in Al Kharid or banking at Shantay Pass. You will also get 3,000 Farming experience per hour.

Vial of water packs can be bought in several shops across Runescape, which contain noted vials of water, allowing you to train herblore more easily.

To get the early levels of herblore, it is recommended that the player gathers as many guams as possible, since you can buy packs of eye of newts in several herblore shops across Runescape, allowing you to quickly use up your noted guams.

The best herb for Ultimate Ironmen at lower levels is harralander. At level 26 it can be made into energy potions, which require chocolate dust, which can be bought (and ground up) at the grand tree, allowing you to quickly use up your noted harralanders. At level 36 it can be used to make combat potions, which require goat horn dust. This can be obtained by grinding up desert goat horn, which will be dropped in noted form when you have completed the easy desert achievement diary.


Trained as normal. Varrock Museum questionnaires provides 1,000 experience to Hunter (and Slayer).

To be successful catching black chinchompas in the wilderness you should bring imp boxes. Catch imps near Yanille walls because there are a lot of imps in that location. Use the imp boxes at level 30 wilderness to teleport your black chinchompas to the bank, as the imps will not bank items past level 30 wilderness. This method is not useful for ultimate ironmen, though.


A good way to train magic is by collecting 10,000 coins from the Stronghold of Security and training on chickens for feathers, once you have reached the require level for fire strike you can then move on to lava dragons located in the deep wilderness. Lava dragons are a good source of prayer experience and you will always profit every trip as they drop rune items frequently. It is also recommended to bring food and energy potions (if you have the required Herblore level) as this is a main area for lower level player killers.

You can also fire strike/bolt fire giants until you get either a rune scimitar or 55 Magic.

An alternate, cheap method, is to splash curse to a higher level such as 55. This can be done by equipping full armor including a kiteshield, helm, platebody and legs to get at least -64 magic attack bonus. Then repeatedly cast curse on either the caged lesser demon in the wizard's tower, or the caged zamorak monk in the varrock palace.


Planning out what you want to do with your ore is important. Mining pure essence for runecrafting, mining ore to make arrow heads, knives, or darts, or just mining ore to make high level armor to alch are important on how to tackle this skill.

Upon reaching level 30, you can enter the Motherlode Mine which provides a great source of ores for Smithing training. In addition, the store offers coal bags (able to hold up to 27 pieces of coal) and gem bags (helpful with slayer tasks as many slayer monsters drop gems), clay packs 10 nuggets/pack (will be helpful for crafting/creating teleport tabs [with the exception of Arceuus tabs]), bag of gems 40 nuggets/bag (not to be confused with the gem bags), as well as mining experience boosting clothing.


Prayer is a very important skill due to its utility in combat. Due to the difficulty of getting experience, it is best to do several quests such as The Restless Ghost and Holy Grail for your starting prayer experience.

Unless you have created a gilded altar and Marble incense burners (with two Marrentill), the Ectofuntus is one of the best ways to get Prayer experience. Kill green or blue dragons for dragon bones. Green dragons are relatively easy to kill, although they are in moderately deep Wilderness, so be wary of being attacked by other players. Blue dragons are a bit more crowded and is slower then green dragons unless you have 70 Agility (65 with a summer pie) to use the pipe shortcut.

Additionally, collecting ensouled heads from Slayer tasks and reanimating them near the Dark Altar is a good way to get Prayer experience as well.

When using the gilded altar with marble incense burners, set your house to Rimmington and bring a large coin stack, along with your noted bones and marrentill, since you will need to leave your house to restock, and no one can enter your house, reseting all actions in there each time, so you will need to continually light the incense burners each time you leave your house.

It is highly recommended to have completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest for the ectophial to quickly teleport to the ectofuntus.


Early levels can be trained cheaply and quickly by using the best shortbow you can and bronze or iron arrows from Lowe's Archery Emporium. From level 40 onwards it is suggested to use iron or steel knives/darts, along with Green dragonhide armour. Completion of Horror from the Deep gives 4662.5xp in range and can be done at level 1 ranged, bringing you to level 20. After The Lost Tribe, players may choose to use a Dorgeshuun crossbow when they reach level 28. The crossbow uses bone bolts that are very cheap, making it a cost-efficient way to train ranged.

An effective, yet afkable method to train range at higher levels can be to kill bandits within the bandit camp in the Kharidian desert, whilst utilising the cheap and cost-effective bone crossbow and wearing a Saradomin or Zamorakian God item, bringing noted food is extremely useful and there is an NPC capable of unoting items in the camp.

At higher levels (61+), obtaining a rune crossbow to use Broad bolts is desirable due to their cheapness and versatility. A Rune crossbow is commonly dropped by Kree'arra, rarely by the Crazy archaeologist and uncommonly by Skeletal Wyverns (unstrung). Another way to get hold of one is also to kill Aviansies, which has the runite limbs as a rare drop.

Otherwise, Ranged may be trained in the same way as normal accounts. 

See: Ranged training

Runecrafting Edit

Completing the medium Ardougne Diary will allow you to collect 100 pure essence from Wizard Cromperty each day. In order to train Runecrafting, you should clear as much space in the inventory as possible and mine essence yourself, which can then be crafted at an altar. Regular ironmen are recommended to mine and bank essence in Varrock then later craft it. If you're 66 Magic, it's recommened to mine the essence at the Wizard's Guild in Yanille instead.   

Ultimate ironman chat badge

Ultimate ironmen will unfortunately need to mine a new inventory of essence for each trip, it is recommended to do so by teleporting to Ardougne and then to the essence mine via Wizard Cromperty. Get rid of most of your things before beginning training to maximize speed, this can be done by purposefully dying to Zulrah to allow Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig to store your items, this is not recommended if you are training runecrafting in a dangerous manner, as you will lose your stored items upon the second death.

Alternatively, they can mine essence in the wizards tower, which has a fairy ring on its island.

Ultimate ironmen may also wish to collect essence by killing monsters that regularly drop noted pure essence - such as Skeletal Wyverns and Twisted Banshees. After amassing a number of noted essence, they may train runecrafting with normal methods by un-noting each inventory of essence at a bank or un-noting merchant. It is also recommended to complete the medium requirements for the Ardougne achievement diary, as this provides 100 free noted pure essence per day from Wizard Cromperty, which can be collected and saved for future runecrafting training.

Ultimate ironmen can also do abyss runs pretty efficiently if they have a glory and access to the recharge dragonstone spell on the Lunar Spellbook at 89 Magic.

The fastest and most efficient method for runecrafting on a ultimate ironman, however, would be mining pure essence in the dungeon north of Lunar Isle and runecrafting astral runes.

Runecrafting Method:

Requires: Access to fairy ring, Ectophial (Or Ardougne achievement cape), level 27 Runecrafting (for cosmic runes), high agility, a ring of dueling.

Use Clan War free-for-all portal to recharge your run energy everytime you are done refilling your inventory. Teleport to a location to gain access to the fairy ring (Ardougne achievement cape is quicker). Go to cosmic altar and runecraft. Teleport to Clan Wars.


To train Slayer efficiently, it is recommended that you begin after reaching 60-70 combat, with reasonable gear. Consult the Slayer training guide.


You can train Smithing cheaply and fast in the Blast Furnace, since you can buy the ores (up to mithril) for relatively little money from the shop and smith nearby in Keldagrim, or if you have 60 smithing, you can smith in the blast furnace itself. There is also a bank in the blast furnace, which makes it incredibly time-saving to bulk smelt all your own ores and bank all the bars to smith in other places. If you do not have 60 smithing, you must pay the dwarven foreman 2500 gp for 10 minutes. There is an armour shop that buys all mithril, adamantite and runite armour for slightly less than the low alchemy price; it is therefore not advised to sell to this shop, since general stores buy items for low alchemy price and specialty stores generally for more than high alchemy price. It is simple to break even or profit by smithing the most valuable item and high alching them. There is always an army of players/bots operating the machine in the dedicated blast furnace world.


Trained as normal. Pickpocket men until you are able to steal from cake stalls, then steal cakes until 20, when you can thieve silk stalls.

After completing Death to the Dorgeshuun you have access to the H.A.M. store room where you are able to pickpocket the guards for keys. The keys are then used to open chests for jewelry. You can alch them for some money. Level 20 thieving is required, wearing full H.A.M. robes helps reduce the chance of failure. HAM storerooms and high alching the loot is a great way for ironmen (especially ultimate) to make money.


Training Woodcutting is no different than you would normally, cut the trees you can in order according to experience per hour. Typically you will want to chop willows or maples for the fastest experience and yews and magics for money. Take note that oak planks are useful for training Construction; around 15,000 are required for 75 construction (gilded altar), so it may be beneficial to train the early levels on oaks.

The only challenging part is obtaining the axes you need when reaching the next milestone. Players who have access to the fairy ring system can use code BKQ and safespot tree spirits for axe drops up to and including rune. Alternatively, players can use steel axe until level 60 Woodcutting and then purchase a rune axe from the Woodcutting Guild, assuming they have at least 75% favour with the Hosidius House

Rimmington yew trees is one of the best places to go to for yew logs as there are 4 yew trees. There are several methods of bank and traveling to/from Rimmington. Hot Air Balloon Transportation from Castle Wars to Crafting guild is a good way to get to Rimmington quick, then teleporting to Castle Wars to bank when you have collected a full inventory of logs. Another method is teleporting to your house, if it is located in Rimmington. Getting to the bank is quite easy: Ring of dueling to Castle Wars, Clan wars, or Barbarian Assault Mini-game (cheaper to make and purchase). Whatever method works for you.

Money MakingEdit

Low RequirementsEdit

Keep in mind that you make more money high alching most items, so a good short term goal to aim for as a new account is 55 magic for high alchemy.

Method Requirements Category Members Description
Gathering steel platebodies Food Collecting No The Lava Maze is located in level 40-45 wilderness and contains a steel platebody and staff of earth spawn. This method is widely known by most ironmen and is often camped out by them along with player killers. The steel platebodies can then be sold to general stores for 800gp, to Horvik in Varrock for 1,200gp, or high alched for 1,200gp.
Fletching willow shortbows+

35+ Fletching, 30+ Woodcutting, 10 Crafting

Skilling Yes Fletching and Woodcutting are skills that are both level fairly fast, very afkable, quite useful, and are required several times through quests. A way to produce some decent money is by fletching the available bow pertaining to your levels and fully crafting complete bows. Afterwards, any bows created can be high alchemised or sold to general stores.
Stealing from Ham storerooms 20 Thieving, Food, completed at least half of Death to the Dorgeshuun Skilling Yes After completing half of Death to the Dorgeshuun, players have access to the H.A.M. storerooms. There, you are able to pickpocket guards that commonly give you keys to chests which give fairly good jewellery. Bank or high alchemise the loot you receive and make sure to save some of the emerald rings and sapphire necklaces for personal use. This is considered the best low level method for ironmen and is highly recommended.

(wearing full H.A.M. robes helps reduce the chance of failure).

Silk 20 Thieving Skilling Yes At 20 Thieving you are able to steal Silk from the stalls in the Ardougne market. After waiting 10-30 minutes, you are able to sell the stolen silk to the silk trader, also located in the market, for 60 gp each.
Agility Pyramid 30 Agility

(70+ Recommended)

Minigame Yes The Agility Pyramid can be unlocked at 30 Agility, although, 70 is recommended as you will hardly fail any obstacles. In optimal conditions, you can make 200k gp/hr using this method.

Medium RequirementsEdit

Method Requirements Category Members Description
Ecumenical Keys 60 Agility or 60 Strengh,55 Magic and Nature runes,

Monk Robe and Unholy Symbol and Ranged/Magic combat equipment

Combat Yes Enter the GWD through the Wilderness entrance north of the Bandit camp.

With lvl 60 Agility walk south and enter the main room now run north to the Zamorak zone safe space. Do the same for lvl 60 Strengh but entering to the north then running south towards the same spot.

Now either range or mage the low level imps located here until they drop Ecumenical Keys, but do not alch them while you are in the wilderness, so you keep them in case of death. Once you've obtained 2, leave and High alch the keys, and bank the coins.

You can only have 3 keys total at any time and their droprate decreases with each key found, 2 is the best number to obtain before leaving.

Crafting battlestaves 54, 58, 62, or 66 Crafting Skilling Yes Craft battlestaves and high alch for profit. You can obtain orbs via glassblowing or Wyverns, and battlestaves from magic shops and Zaff.
Slayer Combat level 80+, 50+ Slayer Combat Yes At a certain point Slayer becomes pretty profitable over time. I've noticed this to be around the time you start getting armor drops around mithril and up, which alchs usually for more than 1k each. Slayer is the sole way to upgrade all of your BIS (best in slot) items, and making loads of money in the process, and at a certain point becomes something you must do if you ever want to get any key worthwhile items.

High RequirementsEdit


Visit the Quest experience rewards page for a list of all the experience gained from every quest.

The order in which you complete these quests is entirely up to you, depending on whether you seek immersion or efficiency. If the latter is true, it is recommended to start off by completing Waterfall Quest giving you 13,750 Attack and Strength experience, 2 diamonds, 2 gold bars, and 40 Mithril seeds. You should then complete Merlin's Crystal for 6 quest points, Excalibur (stronger than mithril scim), but most importantly, so that you can complete Holy Grail (quest) for 11,000 Prayer Experience


Keep in mind that the higher your Agility level gets the longer you will be able to run.

When you first begin your Ironman account, your access to transportation is very limited making time spent traveling very high. It is best to try to obtain as many methods of travel as early on as possible in order to minimalize the time you spend walking around during the time spent on your account. Considering all of the various methods obtainable, you don't even need to magic level to be able to travel to all of the same locations; many of which listed below.

Obtaining Items/GearEdit

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