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The Karamja General Store is similar to the average general store except for the fact that it contains an additional item.

The store almost always has cooked and uncooked fish, due to the fishing pier nearby. Karamjan rum is not for sale here, but is available next door in the pub.

On the counters a jug, a knife, and a banana spawn, as does a rope on the floor.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Pot Pot 30 1 10
Jug Jug 10 1 3
Empty jug pack Empty jug pack 5 182 Not sold
Shears Shears 10 1 10
Bucket Bucket 30 2 37
Bowl Bowl 10 4 22
Cake tin Cake tin 10 10 38
Tinderbox Tinderbox 10 1 128
Chisel Chisel 10 14 75
Hammer Hammer 10 13 44

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