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The Killerwatt plane is an area where Killerwatts are found. It is accessed by Professor Oddenstein's portal machine, found atop Draynor Manor after completion of the quest, Ernest the Chicken.

The plane hosts some Killerwatts, and some small storm clouds, like the ones found in Zanaris, are also seen here. Players can exit via the portal going back to Professor Oddenstein's room or by simply teleporting out.

WARNING: The player will be warned by the professor that if they have Epilepsy, they should NOT enter as this area contains flashing lights and strobe effects, which could lead to a seizure.

During the Enlightened Journey quest, it was revealed by the balloon travelling screen that killerwatts inhabit clouds. However, players cannot engage them in battle here.

Players cannot use the dwarf multicannon in the Killerwatt plane.

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  • The name is a play on "kilowatt", a unit of power, with the word "killer" included to imply its hostility.

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