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Kiteshields are shields worn in the shield slot. They are normally used as a melee protection and provide a good defence against all melee attack types. They can be smithed from all types of metals except for black. Kiteshields are more powerful than square shields but also more expensive. Players using Magic prefer them over square shields. Some kiteshields can be bought in Cassie's Shield Shop in Falador.

ShieldDef. levelSmith levelAttackDefenceNotes
Bronze kiteshield112-8-2576-16Sold at Cassie's in Falador.
Iron kiteshield127-8-28109-19
Steel kiteshield542-8-2131514-114The best kiteshield available in Cassie's shop.
Black kiteshield10 -8-2171918-119Dropped by Ice giants, available to members in Keldagrim.
Mithril kiteshield2062-8-2182220-120
Adamant kiteshield3082-8-2273129-129
Rune kiteshield4097-8-2444846-146Most often seen as part of a "full Rune" set made only by the most accomplished smiths. Rare drop by Ice Troll Runts.

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