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This article is about the tool. For other uses, see Knife (disambiguation).
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High Alch 15 coins
Low Alch 10 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 25 coins
Weight 0 kg
A dangerous looking knife.
Knife detail

knife is a tool used for a large variety of tasks, mostly for fletching logs in the Fletching skill. This is also an excellent tool for cutting through webs, especially to the Mage Arena in the deep wilderness. Check out the spawns section for to find out where knives spawn in the game. They are also sold in general stores in the Shantay Pass and Catherby. 


Uses for knives are as follows:

Spawn pointsEdit

Knife spawn points are as follows:

  • Lumbridge, behind the axe store
  • Lumbridge castle's kitchen and kitchen cellar.
  • House south-west of Seers' Village bank.
  • The general store in Karamja.
  • North of Rellekka near the rock crabs, though they are hard to see here due to size.
  • Up the ladder of the Varrock General Store.
  • In the Varrock Sewers by the level 48 giant spiders after the web which makes it an inconvenient spawn point.
  • Ground floor of Sorcerer's Tower.
  • House north-east of Catherby bank (the house with a sink).
  • By the Mage Arena after a web which is another inconvenient spawn point.
  • Top floor of a building in Meiyerditch
  • In the basement of the Temple of Ikov dungeon past a spider web and next to the boots of lightness.

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