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List of all intermediate quests.

There are a total of 49 intermediate quests.

Levels required
to complete every Intermediate quest
Attack icon 20
Hitpoints-icon 10
Mining-icon 42
Strength-icon 40
Agility-icon 32
Smithing-icon 40
Defence-icon 1
Herblore-icon 31
Fishing-icon 5
Ranged-icon 37
Thieving-icon 37
Cooking-icon 30
Prayer-icon 31
Crafting icon 49
Firemaking-icon 49
Magic-icon 46
Fletching-icon 30
Woodcutting-icon 50
Runecrafting-icon 35
Slayer-icon 30
Farming-icon 30
Construction-icon 34
Hunter-icon 10
Quest-icon 43
Combat-icon -
Stats 719
Temporary boosts
may be used in some quests

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Members Intermediate QuestsEdit

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