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There are a total of 38 novice quests. Most of these quests (particularly those that are for members) open new areas and other items, and unlock more difficult quests.

Levels required
to complete every Novice quest
Temporary boosts
may be used in some quests
Attack icon 30
Hitpoints-icon 10
Mining-icon 20
Strength-icon 1
Agility-icon 1
Smithing-icon 20
Defence-icon 1
Herblore-icon 3
Fishing-icon 10
Ranged-icon 1
Thieving-icon 1
Cooking-icon 1
Prayer-icon 1
Crafting icon 20
Firemaking-icon 5
Magic-icon 1
Fletching-icon 1
Woodcutting-icon 1
Runecrafting-icon 1
Slayer-icon 1
Farming-icon 1
Construction-icon 10
Hunter-icon 27
Quest-icon 32
Combat-icon 50(Suggested)
Stats 168

Free to Play Novice QuestsEdit

Members Novice QuestsEdit

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