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Draynor Village Lumbridge Al Kharid
Lumbridge Swamp

Lumbridge (colloquially Lumby or Lummy) is a town where players begin their RuneScape journey. New players are sent here from Tutorial Island to learn the game of RuneScape from various tutors across the town. Lumbridge gets its name from the bridge that crosses the River Lum. South of the city is the Lumbridge Swamp.

After completing Tutorial Island, this is where you start your true RuneScape adventure. If you die, you respawn here (Members can change their respawn to Falador if they have done the Recruitment Drive quest, Camelot if they have completed a King's Ransom, or Edgeville by paying 5,000,000 coins to the Witch). The main feature of Lumbridge is the Lumbridge Castle, where you can start several quests, and where there also is a bank to store your items.

Places of interestEdit

Farmer Fred's FarmEdit

Farmer Fred's is an excellent place to shear sheep to obtain wool which may be spun at the castle. Onions can be collected from the farmer's garden. Also, there is a log standing on the ground outside of Farmer Fred's house from which a bronze axe may be taken. There are also many chickens here that new players can kill.

Cow pastureEdit

Cows and calves to kill for raw beef, cowhide, and bones with a dairy cow for milking.


Useful for players using the agility shortcut from the mine, but generally unpopular as there is no bank or mine nearby, though it is well located if you wish to string crafted amulets or symbols.

General storeEdit

Many of the items sold here can also be picked up around the area.

Fishing spotsEdit

Level 20 Fishing is required to go fly fishing for trout, or level 25 to go bait fishing for pike. You cannot use a small fishing net here.

Goblin HouseEdit

Goblin house
On the east side of the river, goblins and spiders have overrun the entire area. A building located across the river houses large numbers of level 2 goblins and an iron dagger respawn, though the entire area is crawling with spiders and goblins. This area is a very popular area for new players to start training.

Toll gateEdit

Until you have completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest, it will cost 10 coins to pass either way through this gate to Al Kharid, though it can be avoided with a long detour.

Lumbridge CastleEdit

Lumbridge Castle
Duke Horacio, and his advisor Sigmund are found on the 1st floor[U.K. floor]. The spinning wheel, used in Crafting, is also located upstairs. If you have started the Recipe for Disaster Quest, there is a bank in the Cook's basement, as well as a wide variety of cooking ingredients and cooking implements to buy. Along with the Lumbridge tutors update, a free bank was added to the top floor of the castle.

The basement is a place of interest for new players, as it has training on level 2 spiders and spawns of gloves and leather boots. It also contains the entrance to the Dorgeshuun Mines.


At the top of one of the gate towers, two bronze pickaxe spawns may be found

Saradomin ChurchEdit

Father Aereck watches over his 230+ year old church of Saradomin here. There is also an altar to recharge Prayer points, and the Prayer tutor.

Bob's Brilliant AxesEdit

Advertised on fliers dropped by many non-player characters.

Buys and sells a limited range of axes:

Also repairs Barrows armour, axes and pickaxes for a price.

Chicken coopEdit

The chicken coop is a bit to the west of the cow pasture. Chickens can be killed there, dropping feathers and raw chicken along with bones. There are two egg spawns, one inside the chicken coop and one on the side. The chicken coop is commonly used for players to train in prayer since all chickens drop bones and are very easy to kill.


There is a bank on the top floor of the Lumbridge Castle. It is fairly accessible for most new and free-to-play players through the use of the home teleport spell. There is also a tutor which teaches the basics of banking.

Players who have started the Recipe for Disaster quest will also have access to a bank chest in the Lumbridge Castle cellar.

Quests Edit

The People of Lumbridge Edit

Music Edit

  • Harmony
  • Harmony 2
  • Autumn Voyage
  • Flute Salad
  • Dream
  • Yesteryear

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Lumbridge' is based on the real life city of Cambridge in England, where Jagex has its headquarters.
  • Upon players completing the quest Garden of Tranquility, the King's statue outside of the Lumbridge castle courtyard becomes an empty plinth and has been moved to the garden east of the Varrock palace.


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