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The Lumbridge Secret Council is an organisation learned of at the start of Recipe for Disaster. During the quest, its members are attacked by the Culinaromancer, and players must save nine of them by making their favourite dish.


Recent activitiesEdit

According to Gypsy, the group was founded many centuries ago. The members of the secret council meet up every ten years to discuss current events and attempt to guide the development of Gielinor. However, all they really do is have a huge banquet and nothing more, Aris says.

At the latest council meeting, the Culinaromancer was released, Duke Horacio (who were not present at his release due to being detained by random events) and Gypsy, who was late for the banquet.


  • Apparently there aren't enough seats for all of the members of the Lumbridge Secret Concil. Generals Wartface and Bentnoze have to fight over one, while Gypsy Aris doesn't have one at all.

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