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Lumbridge Swamp Caves
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Kingdom Dorgesh-Kaan
Main Music Cave of the Goblins
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Giant frog (level 99)
Quests See below
Inhabitants/Race Wall beasts, Cave crawlers, Cave goblins, Cave slimes, Cave bugs, Rockslugs, Giant frogs, Big frogs
Lumbridge Swamp Caves map
Click the map to view a larger version.
Lumbridge Swamp Caves location
Location on World Map
Wizards' Tower Lumbridge Swamp Caves Al Kharid
Tutorial Island

The Lumbridge Swamp Caves are a series of dangerous tunnels that lie beneath the Lumbridge Swamp. The entrance is located just southwest of Lumbridge Castle - you will need a rope if you use this entrance. It is a dungeon filled with a variety of monsters, many which are Slayer monsters. Before entering, you will need a light source, a tinderbox, rope, a spiny helmet and an antipoison potion (and possibly more if you intend on fighting the monsters here). You must start The Lost Tribe to access it via the Lumbridge cellar.



  • In some areas of the cave, an open light source (such as a candle or a torch) can ignite dangerous swamp gas, resulting in an explosion, dealing heavy damage and extinguishing the light source. You will need a tinderbox to relight it.
  • You can net fish for giant frog spawn in these caves. You will need 33 Fishing to catch them.




  • The Lost Tribe
  • The Power of the Tears
  • Tears of Guthix

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