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Magic wardrobe is a hot spot found in the Costume room of a player-owned house. Magic wardrobes can be used to store certain magic armours, provided that a complete set has been obtained.

Magic wardrobes Edit

Image Type Level Materials required Details
Oak magic wardrobe icon Oak magic wardrobe 42 4 oak planks 1 set of armour
Carved oak magic wardrobe icon Carved oak magic wardrobe 51 6 oak planks 2 sets of armour
Teak magic wardrobe icon Teak magic wardrobe 60 4 teak planks 3 sets of armour
Carved teak magic wardrobe icon Carved teak magic wardrobe 69 6 teak planks 4 sets of armour
Mahogany magic wardrobe icon Mahogany magic wardrobe 78 4 mahogany planks 5 sets of armour
Gilded magic wardrobe icon Gilded magic wardrobe 87 4 mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf 6 sets of armour
Marble magic wardrobe icon Marble magic wardrobe 96 1 marble block All armours of this type

Magical armourEdit

Set Amount Head Chest Legs Gloves Boots Other
Mystic robes 5 Mystic hat (blue) Mystic robe top (blue) Mystic robe bottom (blue) Mystic gloves (blue) Mystic boots (blue)
Dark Mystic robes 5 Mystic hat (dark) Mystic robe top (dark) Mystic robe bottom (dark) Mystic gloves (dark) Mystic boots (dark)
Light Mystic robes 5 Mystic hat (light) Mystic robe top (light) Mystic robe bottom (light) Mystic gloves (light) Mystic boots (light)
Skeletal 5 Skeletal helm Skeletal top Skeletal bottoms Skeletal gloves Skeletal boots
Infinity robes 5 Infinity hat Infinity top Infinity bottoms Infinity gloves Infinity boots
Splitbark armour 5 Splitbark helm Splitbark body Splitbark legs Splitbark gauntlets Splitbark boots
Ghostly robes 6 Ghostly hood Ghostly robe top Ghostly robe (bottom) Ghostly gloves Ghostly boots Ghostly cloak
Moonclan robes 7 Moonclan helmMoonclan hat Moonclan armour Moonclan skirt Moonclan gloves Moonclan boots Moonclan cape
Lunar robes 8 Lunar helm Lunar torso Lunar legs Lunar gloves Lunar boots Lunar capeLunar amuletLunar ring
Graceful outfit 6 Graceful hood Graceful top Graceful legs Graceful gloves Graceful boots Graceful cape
Black naval attire 3 Black tricorn hat Black naval shirt Black navy slacks
Blue naval attire 3 Blue tricorn hat Blue naval shirt Blue navy slacks
Brown naval attire 3 Brown tricorn hat Brown naval shirt Brown navy slacks
Green naval attire 3 Green tricorn hat Green naval shirt Green navy slacks
Grey naval attire 3 Grey tricorn hat Grey naval shirt Grey navy slacks
Purple naval attire 3 Purple tricorn hat Purple naval shirt Purple navy slacks
Red naval attire 3 Red tricorn hat Red naval shirt Red navy slacks
Elder chaos druid robes 3 Elder chaos hood Elder chaos top Elder chaos robe
Evil chicken costume 4 Evil chicken head Evil chicken wings Evil chicken legs Evil chicken feet
Pyromancer outfit 4 Pyromancer hood Pyromancer garb Pyromancer robe Pyromancer boots

Note: A complete set is required in order to be placed within the Magic wardrobe, and may only be stored in item form (not noted or in a set).

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