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Green Skin

Prepare your skeleton, because this update is all about the spook! Find your way South of Falador, where a mysterious dark portal can be found. Upon entering it, Death himself is there to greet you; but don't worry! You're not dead… but if you mess up his orders, you could be! The Grim Reaper does not understand humanity's' interest in material possession; despite this, he is willing to give some of his material possessions up if you succeed in completing his tasks. You, yes YOU, can have your very own Grim reaper hood! Or, if you didn't grab a hold of them last year, you can have pumpkins (not guaranteed for carving) and some halloween masks (to spook your neighbours for some candy, of course!)

In addition to this spectacular blast from the past, you can no longer get random events while in the Corporeal Beast's lair. Goodbye, Sandwich Lady! Happy Hallowe'en from the Old School RuneScape wiki! Make it spooky!

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