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Probita chathead

Several features from Content Poll #23 have been released; Barbarian Assault enthusiasts will see improved rewards from high level gambles. If you already have a fighter torso or a full set of penance armour, and have excess points, consider spending them on high level gambles, for there is a chance of obtaining the rare Penance Pet!

Super combat potion (4)

Torstol herbs previously can only be used to create Zamorak brew. Now, with a Herblore level of 90, players can create a super combat potion with a super set and torstol herb. Great for saving inventory space, especially on those boss trips! In addition, Bandos boots have been given a well deserved buff; a +15 Ranged Defence bonus has been added to these boots. The Resource Arena in the Wilderness has been given an anvil and a furnace, making it more worthwhile to make the trip there.

Iban's staff detail

Some content, although have passed the content poll, have now been released:

  • Graceful outfit set effect, which recharges run energy 30% faster.
  • Probita can insure a pet for 500k coins, and if you lose them when they have been insured, you can reclaim your pet back for 1 million coins.
  • Iban Blast autocast for Iban's staff
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  • The Old School RuneScape Wiki now has a Twitter account! Follow @OSRSWiki today!
  • The Old School RuneScape Wiki now has a clan chat, OSRSW! Join "OSRSW" to engage with our budding community!
  • Credit to Cheesydude from Reddit's /r/2007scape for the workmark design!
  • Thanks to all the help from the editors so far; keep up the fantastic work. :)
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