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Smoke devil

In late 2013, players voted for two new slayer monsters. The first one came in the form of the cave kraken. The second one, the smoke devil, arrives! Requiring level 93 slayer, this monster is able to drop the occult necklace, which gives a 10% magic damage bonus!

Those two monsters too weak for you? Well the two have boss variants that are more powerful and will drop better loot; the Kraken boss and the thermonuclear smoke devil reside in a closed-off area in the Stronghold Slayer Cave, so only those with a task assigned to kill them can attack them. The thermonuclear smoke devil is the only one to drop the smoke battlestaff, and also drops the occult necklace.

In addition, the 2014 Easter Event has now been released!

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  • The 2014 Easter Event has been released!
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