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This article is about maximum melee hit. For other uses, see Maximum hit.

Maximum melee hit is the maximum damage a player can deal in a melee combat. It is affected by player's strength, equipment and other bonuses such as prayer or potions.

Calculating your maximum melee hitEdit

Note: The trunc (truncate) function is used throughout the formula - this simply means ignore any decimal places of the number being truncated.

Step one: Calculate the effective strengthEdit

Effective\ Strength=trunc((Strength\ Level+PotionBonus)\times Prayer\ Bonus\times Other\ Bonus)+Style\ Bonus

See the following table for the various bonuses values:

Condition Bonus/Multiplier
Potion (note: addition not multiplier)
Strength potion 3 + floor(10% of level)
Super strength potion 5 + floor(15% of level)
Zamorak brew 2 + floor(12% of level)
Dragon battleaxe special attack 10 + floor(.25*(floor(floor(10% magic) + floor(10% range) + floor(10% defence) + floor(10% attack))))
Burst of Strength 1.05
Superhuman Strength 1.1
Ultimate Strength 1.15
Chivalry 1.18
Piety 1.23
Void melee armour 1.1
Black mask/Slayer helm (slayer tasks) 1.1\overline{6} (7/6)
Salve amulet (undead) 1.15
Salve amulet (e) (undead) 1.2
Style (note: addition not multiplier)
Aggressive 3
Controlled 1
Accurate/Defensive 0

Remember that if you use the Dragon battleaxe special attack you cannot use another special attack right after unless the recover special attack potion is used or a person casts share energy upon you. Also note that the dragon battleaxe special attack raises your strength depending on the other levels

Step two: Calculate the base damageEdit

Base\ Damage=1.3+\frac{Effective\ Strength}{10}+\frac{Strength\ Bonus}{80}+\frac{Effective\ Strength\times Strength\ Bonus}{640}

If you are not using a special attack or effect:

Max\ Hit=trunc(Base\ Damage)

Otherwise, continue to step three.

Step three: Calculate the bonus damageEdit

Max\ Hit=floor(Base\ Damage\times Special\ Bonus)

The following special attack/effect bonuses apply:

Attack/Effect Multiplier
Special attacks
Armadyl godsword 1.375
Bandos godsword 1.21
Saradomin or Zamorak godsword 1.1
Dragon dagger 1.15
Dragon halberd or Crystal halberd 1.1
Dragon longsword 1.15
Dragon mace 1.5
Dragon warhammer 1.5
Rune claws 1.1
Abyssal dagger 0.85
Abyssal bludgeon 1.0 + 0.005 x (prayer points missing)
Saradomin's blessed sword 1.25
Special effects
Berserker necklace + Obsidian Weapon 1.2
Castlewar brace 1.2
Special cases

The Keris's maximum hits (against kalphites or scarabites) is as follows:

Max\ Hit_{Keris,\ normal}=floor(Base\ Damage\times 1.25)

Max\ Hit_{Keris,\ critical}=floor(Base\ Damage)\times 3

This results in the maximum possible hit (outside of certain parts of quests) of 126 - using Keris, a player with 99 strength can hit up to 126 on assigned Kalphites, using the best strength equipment, the Piety prayer, a black mask , and drinking a super strength potion.

The Saradomin sword's special attack hit up to an extra 15 magic-based damage:

Max\ Hit_{Saradomin\ sword}=floor(Base\ Damage)+15

During quests/minigamesEdit

In the Dungeon of Tolna during A Soul's Bane quest, players could hit up to 200 on monsters in the rage room, however that damage is simply a player's normal damage times twenty, and doesn't give any experience.

In the Barbarian Assault minigame you can hit a possible of your max hit +5 if your attacker level is 5 on the penance rangers and fighters.

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