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Location on World Map
Champions' Guild
Al-Kharid Mine Mill Lane Mill Draynor Village

Mill Lane Mill is a windmill located between Draynor Village, Lumbridge and Varrock, just south of the Champions' Guild, on the road from Lumbridge to Draynor. There is one non-player character inside, Millie Miller, who instructs players on making flour. She is involved in the Cook's Assistant quest.

On the ground flour of the mill there is a flour bin into which all the milled flour is poured. On the first floor there are millstones, which grind grain to make flour. On the second floor there is the hopper into which grain is put and the hopper controls which control the flow of the grain from the hopper to the millstones.

To mill flour, a player will need grain and an empty pot to collect the flour.
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