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Mining Guild
Mining Guild upstairs
Location Southeast Falador
No. of Stores/Banks 0
Required level 60 Mining
Mining Guild map

The Mining Guild, located in and beneath Falador, is available to both members and free players with a Mining level of 60 or above. The mine is accessible from either the Mining Guild's above-ground complex in the south-east of the city or, alternatively, through the gate at the southern end of the subterranean Dwarven Mine. Both of these entrances are guarded by dwarves who will answer questions about the guild and who will also stop players without the required Mining level from entering. Players should note, however, that temporary skill boosts may be used to enter the guild.

Players are able to enter the Mining Guild with a Mining level of 59 by first drinking a dwarven stout. Alternatively, members may drink a mature dwarven stout and enter with a Mining level of 58. Lastly, members can try their luck with a brown spicy stew, which can potentially raise their Mining level by 5 and allow them to enter the guild with a Mining level of 55, although this is not a particularly efficient means of entering the guild as the boost provided by the stew is random and may in fact decrease the player's Mining level.


Mining Guild location

Location of the Mining Guild, directly south of Falador's east bank.

  • Players may use a skills necklace to teleport themselves to the Motherlode Mine, located east of the Guild's underground entrance.
  • The Falador Teleport will transport a player to the Falador town square, just to the north-west of the guild entrance.
  • The Keldagrim mine cart system can be used to travel to the north-west corner of the Dwarven Mine. From there, players are able to follow the mines south until they reach the below-ground Mining Guild entrance.
  • The cabbage-port function of the Explorer's ring 2, 3 and 4 lands the player in the cabbage field to the south east of the city, from which point they can run to the guild.


Mining Guild interior

Inside the Mining Guild.

The Mining Guild is popular amongst miners due to its close proximity to Falador's eastern bank. Also, a furnace can be found further west in Falador, near the entrance to the White Knights' Castle. An anvil can be found inside the mine, making the entire location a good place to train Smithing. In addition, gems may sometimes be found lying on the floor, discarded by players who drop them in order to carry more ores.

Some players use the Mining Guild as a means of reaching southern Falador without travelling above-ground from Ice Mountain to the north.

Generally due to the large amount of coal rocks, it is standard etiquette to let the first person to reach a coal rock claim it. However, this does not apply to mithril rocks, or when the guild is quite populated, and it is an accepted practice for many people to compete for a single rock.

Some miners may choose to superheat mithril bars on location to save time on banking trips. This may, or may not, be a faster method of money-making. It should be noted, however, that valuable Magic experience is gained using this method, and the bars are directly deposited into one's inventory, saving also on the time of running to and from a furnace.

Mining Guild underground entrance

The entrance to the Mining Guild from the Dwarven Mine.


Inside the Mining Guild there are:

Mining skillcapeEdit

Dwarf (Mining Guild) chathead

The dwarves at the Falador entrance to the mine will tell you about the Mining Guild and one will sell the Mining cape to members who have level 99 Mining and 99,000 coins with them to purchase it.


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