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Miniquests are similar to quests and subquests in that they are groups of interrelated tasks that can be completed for rewards such as items, skills, and experience; however, no quest points are given (with exception of Rag & Bone Wish List that gives 1 quest point) and miniquests are mostly rather short compared to regular quests. Like quests, miniquests may be done only once, as opposed to minigames, which can be played many times.

Miniquest Requirements Rewards How to Start
Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl None. Unlocks Barbarian Outpost. Talk to a Barbarian Guard outside the Barbarian Outpost.
Architectural Alliance
  • High levels in combat is recomended
  • 42 Mining (65 recomended)
  • 45 smithing (53 recomended, 93 for higher speeds)
  • 15 fishing
  • 30 crafting
  • 15 hunter
Partial completion can result in the prevention of Great Kourend favour loss once 100% favour in a House is gained. Speak to Hosa in the centre of Great Kourend.
Bear your Soul None The soul bearer. Search for the Soul journey book in the Arceuus House Library.
Curse of the Empty Lord Started Desert Treasure quest. The Ghostly robes. Upon completion, you can talk to Historian Minas on the 1st floor[U.K. floor] of the Varrock Museum and receive 10 kudos and a lamp which gives 10,000 experience in any skill above 50. Talk to the Mysterious ghost (Valdez) near Glarial's Tomb.
Enchanted Key Completed Making History quest. See Enchanted Key rewards. Check the Enchanted key to see if it is heating up.
Enter the Abyss Completed Rune Mysteries quest. Unlocks Abyss, Runecrafting pouches, 1000 Runecrafting experience Talk to the Mage of Zamorak at the end of the River Lum in the Wilderness (Level 5).
Family Pest Completed Family Crest quest. Ability to own all three steel gauntlets (Chaos gauntlets, Cooking gauntlets, and Goldsmith gauntlets) simultaneously. Speak to Dimintheis in his house next to the Fancy Clothes Store.
The General's Shadow Completed Fight Arena and The Curse of Zaros, Started Desert Treasure quest. The Shadow sword and gaining 2,000 Slayer XP. Speak to the Ghost near Rellekka house portal while wearing a Ghostspeak amulet and Ring of visibility.
Lair of Tarn Razorlor Completed Haunted Mine quest and have 40 Slayer. 5,000 Slayer XP and the ability to create a Salve amulet (e). Talk to Odovokar the Banker in the Abandoned Mine.
The Mage Arena Level 60 Magic Ability to unlock God Spells Talk to Kolodion at the Mage Arena located in level 53 Wilderness.
Rag & Bone Wish List Completed Rag and Bone Man. 5,000 Prayer XP and 1 quest point. Read the wishlist on the Odd Old Man's shack after the completion of Rag and Bone Man
Skippy and the Mogres None. Ability to slay Mogres (With 32 Slayer). Speak to Skippy located south east of the town of Rimmington.
Natural History Quiz None 1,000 Hunter and 1,000 Slayer XP. Speak to Orlando Smith located in the basement of the Varrock Museum

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