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The Miscellanian Clothes Shop is run by Halla and is located under Miscellania in the Miscellania & Etceteria Dungeon. The player must be at least half way through the Royal Trouble quest to enter the dungeon and use the shop.

The shop is likely to carry dwarven clothes because a number of dwarves work in the dungeon.

According to Halla, the shop sells fine Fremennik and Dwarven Clothes. The store stocks:


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Fremennik brown shirt Fremennik brown shirt 5 250 668
Fremennik grey shirt Fremennik grey shirt 5 250 1,819
Fremennik beige shirt Fremennik beige shirt 5 250 1,783
Fremennik red shirt Fremennik red shirt 5 250 1,716
Fremennik blue shirt Fremennik blue shirt 5 250 1,377
Fremennik robe Fremennik robe 5 500 967
Fremennik skirt Fremennik skirt 5 500 1,740
Skirt (lilac) Skirt (lilac) 3 550 3,333
Skirt (blue) Skirt (blue) 3 625 3,333
Trousers (pink) Trousers (pink) 3 700 2,642
Trousers (blue) Trousers (blue) 3 750 2,642
Shorts (tan) Shorts (tan) 3 360 2,432
Shorts (blue) Shorts (blue) 3 390 2,432
Woven top (tan) Woven top (tan) 3 625 3,409
Woven top (blue) Woven top (blue) 3 650 3,409
Shirt (tan) Shirt (tan) 3 600 2,764
Shirt (lilac) Shirt (lilac) 3 625 2,764

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