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Killing ents
Profit Chopping ent trunk
170,700 per hour
Skill requirements

60+ Attack-iconStrength-icon or Ranged-icon recommended
40+ Defence-icon recommended
25 Prayer-icon (43+ Prayer-icon optional but recommended for protection prayers)
75+ Woodcutting-icon

Item requirements

3-iteming gear depending on combat class
Amulet of glory
Games necklace
Dragon axe
1-2 Prayer potions (optional if using Prayer)
1-2 Super energy or Stamina potions (optional)
Looting bag
Rest lobsters or better

Quest requirements Inputs


2 x Prayer potion (18,816)
1 x Stamina potion (5,617)
20 x Lobster (4,820)

Other requirements Outputs


~200,000 coins from various logs

Location Experience gained

South-east of Graveyard of Shadows

8,400 Multicombat experience
2,800 Hitpoints-icon experience
2,000 Woodcutting-icon experience

At high Woodcutting levels, players make more coins an hour at ents not including the bird nests that they may also drop than actually chopping yews at Seers' Village. Players can reach the ents by teleporting to the Corporeal Beast's lair via a games necklace, exiting, and then running southward toward either the east side or the west side of the Chaos Temple. Protect from Magic should be used to ward off the Elder Chaos druids if players find themselves in the crosshairs of their attacks. Alternatively, players can journey north of Varrock into circa level 13 Wilderness to reach the ents. Regardless, they can easily be safe-spotted with Ranged or pray flicked with Melee. A good weapon and Prayer gear will suffice, but tier-40 gear, such as Rune equipment or Dragonhide armour, will do as well depending on player's preference.
Also, there are many trees along the path that players can run into before safely logging out should they encounter a player killer. Attack the two ents at the northern part of the path since there's a lesser chance for them to attack you because they spawn farther apart compared to the other ents at the beginning of the pass.

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