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Killing green dragons
Profit Green dragon
489,800 per hour
Skill requirements

80+ Multicombat recommended for Melee
60+ Ranged-icon recommended for Ranged
25 Prayer-icon recommended for Protect Item

Item requirements

Reasonably strong Melee (e.g. Rune equipment or better) or Ranged gear
An anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield
Multiple charged amulets of glory
Looting bag

Quest requirements Inputs


2.5 x Antifire potion (4) (2,710)
1 x Games necklace (8) (1,949)

Other requirements Outputs

55 Slayer-icon for Broad bolts recommended if using Ranged (optional)
(Extended) Antifire potion if using Melee
Rest food (lobsters or better) if using Melee

100 x Dragon bones (312,000)
100 x Green dragonhide (182,500)

Location Experience gained

Immediately north of the Graveyard of Shadows, in circa level 24-25 Wilderness

30,000 Multicombat experience
9,975 Hitpoints-icon experience

Killing green dragons map

How to reach green dragons.

This guide assumes 100 kills per hour. Your profit per hour may vary depending on your speed.

Green dragons, found in the Wilderness, always drop dragon bones and green dragonhide (along with various other chance drops), which sell for 3,120 and 1,825 respectively. This makes each kill worth 4,945 coins. Note that green dragons are not located in any non-PvP areas. Players should therefore only bring items that they are prepared to lose.

The best location in which to kill green dragons is the area between the Graveyard of Shadows and the Eastern Ruins, which is located due north of the Grand Exchange, as it is the closest area inhabited by green dragons to a bank. Because this area is located north of level 20 Wilderness, players must run south in order to teleport away, unless they use one of the items listed here, such as a charged amulet of glory. It is recommended that players take one such item, in case they are attacked by player killers.

Each trip will require a few minutes to bank hides and bones and return to north of the Graveyard of Shadows. The best method of banking is to teleport to Edgeville using a charged amulet of glory, and subsequently returning to the green dragon location by teleporting to the Corporeal Beast's lair via a games necklace, exiting, and then walking west-north-west a short distance.

Kills per hour can be maximised by picking up drops in rotation. It takes a couple of seconds for each dragon's drops to appear after being killed, so it is advisable to pick up the drops only after coming back to the same spot. Players should ensure that they have auto-retaliate toggled on so that they do not accidentally waste time. Use of a looting bag is also advised.

Players could also use imp-in-a-box to extend the length of their trips. Each imp will bank two items. However, it does not work past level 30 Wilderness. The resulting magic boxes should be dropped, as they are worth significantly less than dragon bones and green dragonhides. It should be noted, however, that imp-in-a-box are untradeable, and should only be used by players who have an excess of them as a result of training Hunter. It is inefficient to collect imp-in-a-box for the purpose of killing green dragons to make money.


Green Dragons are monsters which can be found in the Wilderness, only available for members. These monsters offer the player the opportunity to make a good amount of money by killing them and picking up their drops. This method is relatively safe, but please note that there still are some Player Killers active around the zones where the Green Dragons are.

Notable Drops Edit

- Dragon bones (Always)

- Green dragonhide (Always)

- 15 Nature runes (Common)

Dev Blog- Clue Scroll Expansion newspost

- Grimy ranarr weed (Uncommon)

- Rune dagger (Uncommon)

- Looting bag (1/30)

- Ensouled Dragon Head (1/35)

- Clue Scroll (Hard) (1/128)

Coins 10000

GP/Hour: 500K+ / Hour

Requirements Edit

Green Dragons barely require any stats. All you need is level 50+ in all combat skills, or 50+ Ranged. However, there are multiple types of set-ups, each having their own requirements and recommendations. As the green dragons are in the wilderness, it is recommended to take items you are willing to lose.


  • 60+ Attack
  • 60+ Strength
  • 60+ Defence
  • 60+ Hitpoints
  • 61+ Ranged

Suggested Weapons Edit

Green Dragons are weak to Stab and Ranged, so picking a weapon with a high stab bonus might be wise.

Zamorakian spear detail

Zamorakian Hasta Edit

The Zamorakian Hasta is an expensive one-handed weapon, often used for dragon killing or bossing. It's dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth, that can be found in the God Wars Dungeon. It offers a stab bonus of 85, making it excellent for killing Green Dragons.

Abyssal whip detail

Abyssal Whip Edit

The abyssal is a mid-expensive weapon, and is one of the most frequently used weapons by members. It does not have any stab bonus, however, its high strength bonus and the low defence of the Green Dragons makes this one of the best weapons to use.

Dragon scimitar detail

Dragon Scimitar Edit

The dragon scimitar is a commonly used, cheap but good weapon. This item needs 60 Attack in order to be wield, along with the completion of the Monkey Madness quest. It has a low stab bonus, however, the slash bonus along with the low defence of the dragons makes this weapon viable for killing Green Dragons.

Rune crossbow detail

Rune Crossbow Edit

The Rune Crossbow is a one-handed Ranged weapon, and also one of the most popular ranged weapon used by members. It offers a great ranged-bonus, along with the ability to be worn with a shield.

Suggested Armor Edit

Green Dragons attack with both Melee and Dragonfire, so it's suggested to wear Dragonhide Armor if your defence is above 70. Below, it's suggested to wear Rune Armor, to avoid getting hit by the dragons with melee. The weapon is completely optional, however, with the ranged setup, you want to use a Rune Crossbow or a Dorgeshuun crossbow. The shield slot is not on the list, since the player always wants to use a Anti-dragonshield / Dragonfire shield.


Black d&#039;hide armour equipped

Dragonhide Low-Risk Setup: Edit



Head: Helm of Neitiznot
Neck: Charged Amulet of Glory
Back: Ardougne Cloak or Legends Cape
Torso: Black D'Hide Body
Legs: Black D'Hide Chaps
Feet: Climbing Boots
Hands: Mithril, Adamant, or Rune Gloves

Ring of Wealth


Rune armour equipped

Rune Low-Risk Setup: Edit



Head: Rune Fullhelm
Neck: Amulet of Glory
Back: Ardougne Cloak or Legends Cape
Torso: Rune Platebody
Legs: Rune Platelegs
Feet: Climbing Boots
Hands: Mithril, Adamant, or Rune gloves
Ring: None
Archer helm equipped

Ranged Low Risk Setup: Edit



Head: Archers Helm
Neck: Amulet of Glory
Back: Ava's Accumulator
Torso: Black D'Hide Body
Legs: Black D'Hide Chaps
Feet: Snakeskin Boots
Hands: Black D'Hide Vambs
Ring: Ring of Wealth

Inventory Edit

Looting bag detail

For the inventory, you want to bring food, a looting bag, and teleport items. Do not use runes, as these will waste free inventory slots. Potions are completely optional and can slightly boost the GP/hour. If taking potions, it's recommended to take a Combat Potion / Super Combat Potion to spare inventory space.

Raw lobster detail

As for food, it is recommended to take 15 - 22 Lobsters, as these are very cheap and heal for 12 HP. Sharks are not recommended, as these are almost 7 times the price of a lobster and heal only 8 more.

Getting There Edit

Corporeal Beast lair location

The Corporal Beast's Cave is marked with the red '!'.

Getting there is quite simple, as the games necklace offers a teleport to the Corporal Beast Cave. Clicking on the opening in the wall, the player will enter the wilderness and only has to run west to reach the dragons, which are located north of the Graveyard of Shadows. Players can also use obelisks, or simply walk.

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