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Making magic pyre logs

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Making magic pyre logs
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-87,500 per hour
Skill requirements

80 Firemaking-icon

Item requirements

10,000,000+ coins

Quest requirements Inputs

2,500 x Sacred oil (4) (5,255,000)
2,500 x Magic logs (2,537,500)

Other requirements Outputs


2,500 x Magic pyre logs (7,700,000)
2,500 Vial (5,000)

Location Experience gained

40,000 Firemaking-icon

Up to 2,500 magic pyre logs can be made per hour by combining four doses of sacred oil with magic logs. While 2,500 is the upper limit on the number of logs that can be made, 2,400 is a more realistic assumption. A major advantage of this method is that it may be performed at the Grand Exchange, allowing players to make even more money by merchanting at the same time. However, a disadvantage of this method is that only 1,000 bottles of sacred oil may be bought on the Grand Exchange every four hours. A further complication is that the 4-dose sacred oil is high in demand and low in supply, which makes the 3-dose oil much easier to obtain. Using three doses of sacred oils decreases the amount of logs per inventory to 12, which in turn decreases profit-per-hour slightly. However, buying 3-dose oils and having Bob Barter decant them into 4 doses is possible. Using this method also increases the buying limit to 1,750 4-dose oils per hour due to the extra 3,000 doses from 3-dose oils.

Due to constantly changing prices on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
It is strongly recommended to check the live prices on the Grand Exchange before making large investments in any method.

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