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Pickpocketing master farmers

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Pickpocketing master farmers
Profit Draynor Village
66,500 per hour
Skill requirements

38+ Thieving-icon (60+ recommended)
Decent Hitpoints-icon
Some food, preferably 10-12 cakes stolen from Ardougne Baker's Stall

Item requirements
Quest requirements Inputs



Other requirements Outputs

54 Hunter-icon recommended for Gloves of silence

2 x Ranarr seed (40,768)
1 x Snapdragon seed (25,685)

Location Experience gained

17,200 - 30,100 Thieving-icon

Pickpocketing master farmers can yield good amounts of seeds for Farming. The real money-makers are torstol, snapdragon and ranarr seeds (worth 34,647, 25,685 and 20,384 respectively), but these seeds are, of course, rare.

The master farmer, whether he's Martin in Draynor or not, has to be trapped inside the fence to optimise the Thieving experience. He moves on his own accord, so players will have to wait patiently to trap him. After he's trapped, players should be courteous and keep the gate closed.

If low on health, players can steal some cake from the Baker's stall in Ardougne. Otherwise, players will need to use conventional food to restore Hitpoints.

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