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Smithing mithril bars at Blast Furnace

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Smithing mithril bars at the Blast Furnace
Profit Blast Furnace
238,500 per hour
Skill requirements

50 Smithing-icon (60+ Smithing-icon strongly recommended)
30 Firemaking-icon recommended
30 Strength-icon recommended
30 Agility-icon recommended
30 Crafting-icon recommended

Item requirements
Quest requirements Inputs

Started The Giant Dwarf

900 x Mithril ore (159,300)
1,800 x Coal (311,400)

Other requirements Outputs

High Agility-icon helps

900 x Mithril bar (709,200)

Location Experience gained

27,000 Smithing-icon

Getting to Keldagrim

Going to Keldagrim for the first time.

Keldagrim Northeast Mine

The Blast Furnace is located in East Keldagrim.

Although level 50 Smithing is required to smith mithril bars, level 60 is strongly recommended so that the Blast Furnace can be used for free. It provides a great opportunity for players to reap great profits by producing a large volume of mithril bars (worth 788 each), which are coveted by high-level smiths. Depending on each player's level of activity and team efficiency, players can produce between 900 and 1,500 Mithril bars in an hour. That means the profit margin falls between 238,500 and 397,500 hourly.

After purchasing the raw materials, players should place their coal on the conveyor belt first, and pedal the bike to get the coal into the furnace, which can hold 254 pieces of coal max. It is recommended to work in increments of 25, so it would be better to deposit 200 or 250 coal instead. Afterwards, players can deposit 25 mithril ore, operate the machinery (including adding coke to the stove with a spade until it's red-hot and then pumping), and repair any broken pieces of equipment with a hammer. (Note: A spade, hammer, and bucket of water spawn in the area.) Once the bars are finished, players can dowse them with a bucket of water, and collect. Mithril ore can keep being added until coal runs out in which the player will have to go on a coal run (i.e. refill the furnace). With good timing, team effort, and sufficient coal, players can also deposit ore during coal runs and get bars.

It is possible to profit up to 500k per hour if using a coal bag, stamina potions, on the Blast Furnace worlds as to use the working dwarves, and with over level 60 smithing. This will also provide 70k experience per hour.

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