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Location on World Map
Trollweiss Mountain
Rellekka Mountain Camp Troll Stronghold (area)
Sinclair Mansion
Mountain Camp map

The Mountain Camp is the current settlement of the migratory Mountain Tribe and is located near the Troll Stronghold. It is also the focus for most of the Mountain Daughter quest.

Due to its remote location and lack of resources, the Mountain Camp is rarely visited by players. Its only non-quest use is for a Treasure Trails clue.

History Edit

The Mountain Tribe were once part of the Fremennik people. As the Fremenniks settled down and built the city of Rellekka, the Mountain Tribe continued to roam, believing their migratory lifestyle kept them closer to nature than their Fremennik counterparts. Shortly before they left, although, they stole an ancient relic of the Fremennik, the Ancient Rock, souring the already tense relationship between the two.

The People Edit

  • Hamal the Chieftain- the Chieftain of the Mountain Camp.
  • Jokul- he is located in the goat pen. He appears to own the goats.
  • Ragnar- the fiance of Asleif, the chieftain's daughter.
  • Guard- he guards the camp, and is very suspicious of outerlanders.
  • Camp Dwellers- they are usually level 20-40. They do not have significant drops.

Quests Edit

Getting there Edit

  1. Teleport to Camelot and walk
  2. Home teleport to Lunar Isle, talk to anyone without a seal of passage to be teleported into Rellekka
  3. If your house is in Rellekka, teleport to house and walk from Rellekka
  4. Fairy ring (or slayer ring) to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (ajr).
  5. Playing the Enchanted lyre and walking from Rellekka

Music Edit

  • Settlement
  • Cave of the Beasts

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