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Start point Quest The Sinclair Mansion, north along the path between Seers' Village and Camelot. Talk to one of the guards around the mansion.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Old man Sinclair has been found dead in his mansion! Unfortunately, the local authorities are having some trouble figuring out who's the guilty party. Maybe the unbiased eye of a passing adventurer will be of help.
Length Short
Requirements None
Items required Pot
Enemies to defeat None


Murder Mystery is one of the most unique quests in that the outcome of the quest is random, so there is a reasonable amount of detective work you have to do on your own. However, there are plenty of clues to be found as to who the culprit is.

Starting outEdit

Murder mystery start location

The start point of the quest.

Murder mystery (1)

Starting the quest.

First, talk to the guard to activate the quest. Then, enter the house and search the murder scene, which is on the east side of the ground floor.

Inside will be a Pungent pot which you should collect, along with the Criminal's dagger.

Search the smashed window to find the Criminal's thread.

Then, go around to the various bedrooms belonging to the
Murder mystery (2)

The crime scene.

suspects to find a number of silver items, all contained within barrels in each room. (There are four rooms upstairs and two on the ground floor.) Look for:

Now it's time to get your first piece of evidence.

Go to the eastern part of the mansion and investigate the wooden gate.

Go to the Gardener's shed (the small house on the ground level, west side of the outside of the mansion) and search the sacks to find 7 flypapers.

Go to the kitchen again and fill your pot with flour.

Use it on the criminal's dagger, then use the dagger on a piece of flypaper to get an unknown print
Murder Mystery (3)

The Flour barrel.


Dust each silver item with more flour and use the flypaper to lift fingerprints from the items, then compare them to the print of the Criminal's dagger you found at the crime scene by using the flypaper pieces on the first flypaper print you got from the dagger.

Once you've got a match, you can drop all the silver items except for your proof. You'll need more than just that for a conviction, though.

Go to the entrance of the mansion and talk to Gossip.

You must show the dagger to the guard to proceed.

Next, you need to gather info about the poison. There's a poison salesman who
Murder mystery (4)

Talking to the salesman.

sells it inside of the pub west of the bank in Seer's Village. Ask him about the poison and he'll tell you that everyone at the mansion bought some.

Go back to the house and ask the person who had the fingerprints on the Criminal's dagger to find out what the poison was used on. Check to see if it is true by searching the item mentioned. You'll find that the subject was lying and didn't use their poison.

Go back and talk to a guard and tell him you know who did it. Show him the fingerprints, tell him about the poison, and show him the thread from the windowsill, since its colour will be a match to an article of the guilty party's clothing. Case closed!


Murder Mystery reward scroll

Required for CompletingEdit

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