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Ruins of Uzer
Pollnivneach Nardah Mos'Le Harmless
Agility Pyramid

Nardah is a city in the far south of the Kharidian Desert. It is a ghost town and water is 1000 gold pieces per waterskin, and is primarily featured in the quest Spirits of the Elid, where the player seeks to save the city from a drought.


General StoreEdit

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Nardah General Store
Proprietor: Kazemde
Image Item Price Stock
Pot 1 coin 5
Jug 1 coin 2
Shears 1 coin 2
Bucket 2 coins 3
Bowl 5 coins 2
Cake tin
Cake tin 13 coins 2
Tinderbox 1 coin 2
Chisel 1 coin 2
Hammer 1 coin 5

Rok's Chocs BoxEdit

Rok's Chocs Box
Proprietor: Rokuh
Image Item Price Stock
Choc-ice 30 coins
Chocolate bar 10 coins 25

Seddu's Adventurer's StoreEdit

Seddu's Adventurer's Store
Proprietor: Seddu
Item Price Stock
Rune plateskirt
Rune plateskirt 60,800 coins 1
Rune platelegs
Rune platelegs 60,800 coins 1
Rune chainbody
Rune chainbody 47,500 coins 1
Green d'hide chaps
Green d'hide chaps 3,705 coins 1
Green d'hide vamb
Green d'hide vambraces 2,375 coins 1
Steel kiteshield
Steel kiteshield 807 coins 1
Black med helm
Black med helm 547 coins 1

Hunter storeEdit

A store selling hunter equipment is also available in Nardah.


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  • The only lower Kharidian Desert bank that doesn't have a quest requirement to use it.
  • An anvil
  • Two clay ovens
  • Elidinis Statuette (Altar. Pray at to recharge Prayer, as well as boosting Hitpoints above normal level briefly. Must have completed Spirits of the Elid quest.)
  • A water source (a well, must have completed the Spirits of the Elid quest)
  • Ali's Flying Carpet hub. (Transport to Pollnivneach only.)
  • A herbalist named Zahur who will identify herbs for you for 200 coins each. She also combines any dose potions into 4 dose potions for free.
  • A NPC named Rokuh who sells 25 chocolate bars for at most 17gp ea


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