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Oak tree

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Oak Tree
Oak tree
Woodcutting level 15
Woodcutting experience 37.5
Farming level 15
Farming experience 467.5
Examine A beautiful old oak.

An oak tree requires level 15 Woodcutting to chop down. It is the lowest level tree that gives more than one oak logs before being cut down. They can be found in places such as:

Oak trees can also be grown with the Farming skill. Players may plant an acorn in a wood tree patch in Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, or the Gnome Stronghold. Planting the acorn gives 14 Farming experience and checking the tree once it has finished growing gives 467.3 experience. You can pay a farmer nearby 1 basket of Tomatoes to watch your tree for you. It takes approximately 2.6 hours for an oak tree to fully grow. A fully grown tree can be dug up to gain oak roots.

Construction Edit

Oak tree
Oak tree




Room Garden
Hotspot Tree

A bagged oak tree can be planted in the Garden of a Player-owned house. It requires 1 bagged oak tree, a watering can, and 15 Construction. When built, it earns the player 70 experience for construction and farming.

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