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Details Edit

Start point Quest Go to Shilo Village and talk to Yanni Salika.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description If you're fresh to Shilo Village after solving the mystery (or even if you did it some time ago), you may like to check out Yanni Salika's antiques shop.

He's a busy chap revamping antique items, checking out new stock from potential adventurers and maybe he'll have a small1 favour to ask of you? Probably nothing particularly large, Yanni isn't a demanding2 person, should hardly take you any time3 at all really, something to do when you have a spare moment.

That's assuming there aren't any complications.

1: - Perception of the word "small" may be open to interpretation.

2: - In a recent vote, Yanni Salika was only voted the second most demanding person in Shilo Village.

3: - As everyone knows, time is relative.

Length Long
Requirements 36 Agility, 25 Crafting, 18 Herblore, 30 Smithing, and have completed Rune Mysteries,Shilo Village (quest) and Druidic Ritual.
Items required


  • Teleports
  • Energy potions
  • 2 of each cut opal, jade and red topaz gems
  • The best pickaxe you can wield
  • Dramen or Lunar staff
Enemies to defeat Level 92 Slagilith

44/48/49 Dwarf Gang Members in Multi-Combat

Walkthrough Edit

Karamja Edit

  • Travel to Shilo Village and talk to Yanni Salika in the antiques shop north of the river. He will ask a small favour - get some red mahogany logs from a forester just south of the village. Sounds easy, yes?
  • Go outside the village to the south and talk to a forester there. He will want a small favour for the mahogany logs. He will ask you to take his blunt axe to Captain Shanks to get it sharpened.
  • Go due west (to the ocean) until you see a ladder. Go up the ladder and talk to Captain Shanks. He will tell you to go to Port Sarim and get the axe sharpened yourself. Buy a ticket from him (35 Coins) or teleport to Port Sarim anyway you can.

Asgarnia and Misthalin Edit

Kandarin Edit

  • Travel to Catherby and speak to Arhein who runs the shop just south of the bank. He will ask a small favour - a weather report! Another favour!
  • Go to Seers' Village and speak to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight who's in the house with the sink. He is looking for a missing person and cannot do the weather forecast until she is found.
  • Travel towards the Fishing Guild, just southeast of it is a cave, go into it. Head north along the east wall until you come to a cave where Petra is trapped in rock. Search the sculpture and you find a message telling you to speak to Wizard Cromperty.
  • Go to Ardougne and speak to Wizard Cromperty who's just northeast of the square. He needs some iron oxide from a man in Port Khazard. Whilst you're in Ardougne, go west and pick up 5 pigeon cages which Horvik requested earlier.
  • Go to Port Khazard and talk to Tindel on the southern dock. He will want his stodgy mattress stuffed for the iron oxide.
  • Go to the Feldip Hills (fairy ring code aks) and talk to Rantz the ogre. He is on the east side of the hills. He can't do it because there's a disturbance caused by a small man, which is scaring the chompy birds away.
  • Go west until you see a landing strip with a gnome there, Talk to him and he will tell you he needs to repair the landing strip. Search each landing lights for a gem, cut it, and put it back in the landing lights. The gnome can sell you a chisel and spare gems at 500 each (so you might want to bring some jade, opal and red topaz with you) if you happen to crush them.

Completing the favours Edit

Reward Edit

One Small Favour reward scroll
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