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Release date 23 August 2005 (Update)
Race Dwarf
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? No, but requires starting The Giant Dwarf to reach him.
Location Keldagrim
Sells items? Yes - Ore Seller
Gender Male
Notable features Sells ore at the Blast Furnace.
He smells of rock dust.
Blast Furnace Map

Ordan is located on the west side of the Blast Furnace.


Ordan is a dwarf who works in the Blast Furnace factory on the east side of Keldagrim, the dwarven capital city. Ordan runs the Ore Seller shop, which stocks a variety of ore that can be used for Smithing. He is a popular destination for players smithing at the Blast Furnace.

Ordan usually sells low-tier ore, such as coal and under, at a much cheaper rate than players do especially when his stock is above 50, but his silver, gold, and mithril ore are far more expensive than marketprice regardless of his stock. Due to this, many players choose to supplement their supply by buying ore from Ordan when his stock is high, which maxes out at 100. His copper, tin, iron, and coal are the cheapest around.

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