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The official world for Ourania Altar is world 27 (P2P).
Ourania Altar

The Ourania Altar.

Mage of Zamorak (Ourania) location

The location of the altar

The Ourania Altar (also known as the ZMI Altar) is one of the several Runecrafting altars located throughout RuneScape. The altar is in the Ourania Cave, which is west of the Battlefield, and south of West Ardougne.

The Ourania Altar converts pure essence into an assortment of random runes without a chance of bonus runes being created. The altar, which requires no talisman, tiara or staff to enter, gives double the normal experience for each rune essence used. Players do not need a specific Runecrafting level in order to craft at this altar, but the chance of crafting higher-levelled runes increases with a higher Runecrafting level.

Once inside the Ourania Cave, quickly reached by an Ourania Teleport (from the lunar spellbook), players may use a bank there that requires a payment of 20 runes of any type. They can then go to the altar by taking either a short and dangerous route or a longer and safe route. Note that the long, curving path has no monsters. At the end of the long path, there is a crack that requires no Agility level to cross.

Getting thereEdit


Crafting at Ourania Altar

Players crafting runes at the Ourania Altar.

The player is able to craft all runes that are available in the game (except combination runes), despite not having the required level or quest requirements. However, the higher the player's Runecrafting level, the higher-levelled the crafted runes will be. The experience here is double to what you would normally get for each rune essence.

Completion of the medium Ardougne Diary (and higher) adds a chance of creating more runes in the Ourania Altar (rune output is increased by roughly 15%), though no extra experience is gained. The cloak does not need to be equipped for this to occur.


There are two paths leading to the altar: a shorter, dangerous route, and a longer, safe route.

Longer routeEdit

Ourania Cave long path

A section of the long path within the Ourania Cave.

This route is a long winding pathway. Once players reach the end of the path, they will have to squeeze through a small crack in the wall to reach the altar. The wall-crack shortcut has no Agility requirements.

Shorter routeEdit

The shorter route contains Zamorak warriors, Zamorak mages, Zamorak rangers, Zamorak crafters, and cave lizards. The warriors, mages and rangers often fight cave lizards. Players with a combat level of 110 or below will probably want to take the alternate route, but higher level players will be able to wear a combination of Magic and melee armour and run through relatively unscathed.

The key is to stay light and protect against the members of the Zamorak Magical Institute, who are aggressive and fight with all three styles, it is recommended to wear armour that boosts Defence against Magic, and activate Protect from Missiles.

It is also a good idea to take the short path in the designated Ourania Altar world. It will often be filled with other players that are doing the same thing. All the extra players means much less monsters coming after you. Most people don't even bother using protect prayers in this world.

Experience ratesEdit

These are the estimated experience rates based on the developer's blog from 21 September 2016.

These experience rates assume you are using all of the runecrafting pouches available to you at each level, and that you are using the Ourania Teleport. The actual experience rates received may differ.

Runecrafting-icon Level Experience per hour
1-9 18,658
10-19 20,916
20-29 21,817
30-39 23,064
40-49 27,109
50-59 32,126
60-69 32,508
70-79 34,802
80-89 43,917
90-98 46,186
99 46,885


Eniola will allow you access to your bank account in exchange for 20 of any one type of rune. Using runes which are common, or not often used, such as elemental, body, and mind runes, is the smarter economical decision. Players can speak to him to set up a quick-payment deal, where they can choose which runes Eniola will automatically take from the player upon banking.

Usage of bank fillers is highly recommended with crafting runes at the Ourania Altar due to multiple runes being crafted. This enables a player to have the ability to click the Deposit Inventory button without depositing any rune pouches or runes used to bank.

There are a few other methods of banking when Runecrafting at the Ourania Altar:


  • Ourania (Ουρανία), or Urania, was the muse of astronomy in Greek mythology (the name means "heavenly" or "of heaven" in Ancient Greek). This is significant considering the proximity of the grave of the astronomer Scorpius and the Observatory.

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