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Release date 13 August 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members only? No
Quest NPC? Dragon Slayer
Location North-west Edgeville
Sells items? Oziach's Armour
Gender Male
A strange little man.
Oziach location
Oziach chathead

Oziach is a middle-aged salesman with ties to the Champions' Guild. He lives just north-west of Edgeville and tells you the three places you need to go to get the three Crandor map parts. When a player has finished Dragon Slayer, they will be able to buy a Rune platebody, Green dragonhide body and Anti-dragon shield from his shop.

Players lucky enough to obtain a Draconic visage, and who do not have a Smithing level of 90 or higher, can pay Oziach 1.25 million coins to combine the draconic visage with an Anti-dragon shield, making a Dragonfire shield.

Oziach is also a possible NPC for a Hard Treasure Trails clue scroll, and will provide you with a Puzzle box.

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