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Party Pete
Party Pete
Release date 25 March 2002 (Update)
Race Human
Members only? No
Quest NPC? 2017 Birthday event
Location Falador Party Room
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Notable features Gives info concerning the party room
He likes to paaarty![sic]
Party Pete chathead

Party Pete is the founder and owner of the Falador's Party Hall, and the first offspring of the Pete Family. He features in several events, the most notable being the 2017 Birthday event.

Talking to him reveals more information about the Party Room. Additionally, you can purchase Party Pete's Bumper Book of Games. He is one of the few non-player characters to adorn a Party hat.

Occasionally, Postie Pete drops by to deliver some mail and wish his brother hello, to which Party Pete strikes up a conversation.

2017 Birthday EventEdit

On the fourth annual Birthday event for Old School RuneScape, Pete decided to throw a "birthday bash" at his party room, and invited several important characters from around Gielinor. Despite his positive intentions, the patrons of the party seemed unbecoming of what the celebration had to offer, thus prompting him to ask for the player's assistance once again.

Party Pete PSY gangnam style dance

Party Pete out-dancing the Mugger.

Eventually, when the player has sorted out the patrons' moods, a wild Mugger appears, and threatens to kill some of the patrons. Luckily, Pete exhibited his knowledge in the "Mugger code", by challenging the convict to a dance-off, a challenge which they cannot refuse.

Exhibiting his superior dance prowess, Pete out-dances the mugger thus saving the party.

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