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This article is about the pay-to-play guide. For the free players' guide, see Free-to-play Mining training.
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Ore TableEdit

Level required Name Experience
1 Rune essence Rune essence 5
1 Clay Clay 5
1 Copper ore Copper 17.5
1 Tin ore Tin 17.5
10 Blurite ore Blurite ore 17.5
10 Limestone Limestone 26.5
15 Iron ore Iron 35
20 Silver ore Silver ore 40
30 Coal Coal 50
30 Pure essence Pure essence 5
35 Sandstone (10kg) Sandstone 30,40,50,60
40 Gold ore Gold ore 65
40 Uncut red topaz Gem rock 65
45 Granite (5kg) Granite 50,60,75
55 Mithril ore Mithril ore 80
65 Lovakite ore Lovakite ore 10
70 Adamantite ore Adamantite 95
85 Runite ore Runite 125

Quests for Mining ExperienceEdit

Mining for experienceEdit

To gain a maximal amount of experience in Mining, players must drop the ores they mine ("powermining" or "dropmining").

Levels 1-15 – Copper Ore / Tin OreEdit

From level 1 to 15 players should mine copper or tin. This can be done anywhere, though the Lumbridge Swamp mining site is debatably the easiest due to its relative lack of players and its collection of Copper and Tin rocks. Players should consider mining 14 Copper and 14 Tin whilst wielding their pickaxe, and banking these ores for future use in Smithing training.

Another option is to mine clay. This can be done at the mine south-west of Varrock, but beware of the mugger if your combat level is less than 18. The westernmost Varrock bank is reasonably close to the mine. You could then make soft clay to train crafting or to sell.

A third option (requiring the completion of Rune Mysteries quest) is to mine rune essence. The easternmost Varrock bank and Aubury (to teleport to the rune essence mine) are a good combination if a player wishes to keep the essence.

To progress from level 1 to level 15, you will need 2411 experience. You will need to mine a combination of 138 copper or tin ores to reach level 15, since they both give 17.5 experience a piece. To reach level 15 mining rune essence or clay, you will need to mine a combination 483 essence or clay, since they both give 5 experience each.

Levels 15-30 – Iron OreEdit

From levels 15 to 30, players should mine iron at a location that has three iron rocks in a triangle - such a formation allows the player to mine all three rocks without moving. There are five such locations: the Legends' Guild mining site, the Piscatoris mining site, the East Ardougne mining site, the Al Kharid Mine, and the Resource Area (level 51 wilderness). Another decent location to mine is south-west of the Fishing Trawler minigame due to its proximity to two banks (one in Port Khazard, one in Yanille).

To progress from level 15 to level 30, you will need to obtain 10,952 experience. This will take 313 iron ores giving 35 experience a piece.

At level 60, the maximum experience rate is just over 50,000 exp/h.

Levels 30-80/99 – Coal / Ore Veins - Motherlode MineEdit

Main article: Motherlode Mine

From levels 30 to 80, players should mine ore veins within the Motherlode Mine. Unlike the other methods, you receive both good experience (32k) per hour and money here. The presence of a bank chest allows you to bank the ores you receive.

Completing the Falador medium diary grants the player access to a shortcut within the motherlode mine.

You can increase your chance of receiving higher level ores by completing the Falador hard tasks and further by completing the elite diary. Furthermore, getting the full Prospector kit adds a bonus 2.5% experience while mining (the kit is purchasable from Prospector Percy with Golden nuggets that are obtained through cleaning pay-dirt).

Once a player reaches level 72 mining and has 100 golden nuggets, it is recommended to use the upper levels of the mine. The upper levels have more concentrated ore veins compared to the lower level, and might be less crowded due to the higher mining level requirement.

This method of training is frequently used to get to 99 Mining, because it is less click-intensive than mining granite, and usually makes a lot of profit (whereas mining granite makes no profit at all and is extremely click-intensive).

To progress from level 30 to level 80, you will need to gain 1,972,705 experience. This will require obtaining 56,363 iron ores, 39,455 coal, or some combination of the ores you can mine as you level up.

Levels 80-99 – GraniteEdit

From level 80 Mining, the fastest experience is gained by powermining Granite at the Quarry.

Mining for moneyEdit

Mining can be a great skill, but it can also be boring. Though it can be dull and time consuming, it can be very profitable if you concentrate.

The minigame Motherlode Mine can be VERY profitable, and very good xp. It is suggested to mine at motherlode mine as soon as you get 30 mining until at least 85. At 85 you can mine rune rocks or stay at motherlode mine.

Levels 1-20 – Copper Ore / Tin Ore / ClayEdit

Mining is an easy skill to begin with. From 1-20, you have 2 choices.

  1. Mine Tin & Copper for bronze bars.
  2. Mine Clay to make soft clay. (Located outside of Barbarian Village).

Clay is used for construction, and making teleport tabs. While Tin & Copper is used for smithing, if you plan on smithing bronze bars is the way to go. After level 20, you can get a better pickaxe. It would be best to do so, because there may be some competitors, as well as increasing efficiency.

Levels 20-45 – Iron OreEdit

As said before, there will be some competitors. You will start mining Iron Ore. After level 41, you can get a Rune Pickaxe, being the best in the game besides dragon. It will increase mining speed significantly, so it would be best to buy it when you can.

After The Lost Tribe and unlocking the bank chest at Lumbridge cellar, which requires the first subquest of Recipe for Disaster, players can mine Iron ores in the Dorgesh-Kaan mines and bank at Lumbridge cellar. This is probably the fastest way to collect iron ores and it's never crowded, but a light-source is required.

Al Kharid might be another viable place to mine iron, due to its three rocks in the northern part of the mine, the downside is that its often crowded and is quite far from bank.

Another place is in Keldagrim, which is closer to a bank and is far from crowded.

You can feel free to mine at Varrock, but people will be there constantly.

Another option would be mining northeast of Yanille, as there is a bank nearby and it is seldomly crowded.

Another popular method requires sufficient dueling rings and the completion of the Ardougne easy diaries. Players mine the iron rocks in front of the Kandarin Monastery then teleport to Castle Wars to bank, then activate the cape to teleport back to the Monastery. This method allows for quick banking and decent profit.

Levels 45-60 – CoalEdit

Now that you have your Rune Pickaxe, you will be mining coal these levels. The best place to go would be the Coal Mining Carts. There are level 27 bats here, so you will need to be careful if you are a lower level. The standard amount of coal you can put into the cart is 120, however this amount increases up to 140, 240, and 308 coal with the completion of the respective Easy, Medium, and Hard level Kandarin Diary. With the completion of the Elite diary however, the first 200 coal will be deposited directly to your bank.

Once you get your inventory full, use the coal on the nearby coal truck, and fill it.

Just run to the trucks, take out some coal, run to the bank and deposit, repeat.

You can use those coal to make steel bars with the iron ore, and make cannon balls. (Requires the Dwarf Cannon quest completed, extremely easy to do).

If you have completed The Grand Tree you can enter the grand tree mine which has a bank reasonably close by and an assortment of ores. Ores including 9 Clay, 8 Iron, 4 Silver, 11 Coal, 4 Gold, 4 Mithril, 3 Adamant rocks spread throughout.

Levels 60-85 – Mithril Ore / Adamantite OreEdit

Here's where a little more money comes in. From 60-70, you will mine Mithril Ore. There aren't very many spots, but the best one would be the Mining Guild, or the Lumbridge Swamp Mine.

A good method of money making while training Mining, Smithing, and Magic simultaneously (requires level 43 for Superheat Item), is to bring a lava or fire staff and Nature runes to the Mining Guild, and mine and smelt your Mithril bars on the spot. This can be a more relaxing way of training than other methods, as you do not need to bank as often and is a much less crowded area, compared to the Motherload Mine for example. You'll receive about 7,280 experience per trip using this method. Alternatively, you could mine and bank the same ores, using half as much coal and go to the Blast Furnace for increased profit.

After you get through to level 70, you will begin mining Adamantite ore. These are hard to come by, luckily there is a spot where there are 3 Adamantite Ores. That would be the Falador Underground mine, note there are scorpions here, and a King Scorpion, so it will be dangerous for lower levels.

You may do anything with those ores obtained, you may even sell them as a raw material.

Levels 85-99 – Runite OreEdit

At level 85 players can mine runite ore. This is usually the most profitable method of mining. The best place in which to mine runite ore is underneath the Heroes' Guild. Two runite rocks are located here. In order to access the Heroes' Guild, players must have completed Heroes Quest.

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