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Penguins (Spheniscidae callidus) are a race of flightless aquatic birds known to inhabit frigid, snowy regions. Penguins originate from the Motherland, its capital being Palingrad.

The penguins found on the Iceberg have organised themselves into a cunning and militant organisation known as the Killer Gentoo Penguin, or KGP, led by The Pescallion. One of his sons, Pescaling Pax, rules the Iceberg. Their goal is to destroy all humans and take over Gielinor. They are incredibly adept at technology, and have created a number of advanced infrastructures, including a sophisticated underground lair.


Penguins are the central focus of a quest series that started off with the release of Cold War. During the quest, players meet Larry, a zookeeper at the Ardougne Zoo who, after years of observing the penguins, suspects that they are evil. The player helps Larry study the penguins and infiltrate the KGP headquarters on the iceberg and uncover their intent to invade the world. The player narrowly escapes with their life.

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