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The Pet list is built in the menagerie of a player-owned house as a place where players can see what pets (only one-off pets) have been obtained, and requires a Construction level of 38 to build.

The pet list will indicate whether a pet is owned, not owned, or insured.


Item Exchange price Total price
Oak plank 3 x Oak plank 1,470 2,825
Bolt of cloth 1 x Bolt of cloth 1,075
Papyrus 1 x Papyrus 280

Pet listEdit

Icon Pet
Pet chaos elemental Pet chaos elemental
Pet dagannoth supreme Pet dagannoth supreme
Pet dagannoth prime Pet dagannoth prime
Pet dagannoth rex Pet dagannoth rex
Pet penance queen Pet penance queen
Pet kree'arra Pet kree'arra
Pet general graardor Pet general graardor
Pet zilyana Pet zilyana
Pet k'ril tsutsaroth Pet k'ril tsutsaroth
Baby mole Baby mole
Prince black dragon Prince black dragon
Kalphite princess Kalphite princess
Pet smoke devil Pet smoke devil
Pet kraken Pet kraken
Pet dark core Pet dark core
Pet snakeling Pet snakeling
Chompy chick Chompy chick
Venenatis spiderling Venenatis spiderling
Callisto cub Callisto cub
Vet'ion jr. Vet'ion jr.
Scorpia's offspring Scorpia's offspring
Tzrek-jad Tzrek-jad
Hellpuppy Hellpuppy
Abyssal orphan Abyssal orphan
Heron Heron
Rock golem Rock golem
Beaver Beaver
Baby chinchompa (red) Baby chinchompa
Bloodhound Bloodhound
Giant squirrel Giant squirrel
Tangleroot Tangleroot
Rift guardian (fire) Rift guardian
Rocky Rocky
Phoenix Phoenix

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