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Plank Make

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1Nature rune2Astral rune15Earth rune


Dream Mentor
(plus Lunar Diplomacy)

Plank Make
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The Plank Make spell requires level 86 Magic. It will convert one log that can normally be converted at the sawmill into a plank of the same type. There is still a per-plank cost - it costs 70% of the coins that the sawmill operator would charge. However, this saving is negated by the rune cost of the spell. Therefore people use Plank Make not to make money by making planks, but rather to train Magic. Plank Make is a good method to train Magic and is faster experience than High Level Alchemy. However, the need to stay in a bank area may cause players who like to train other skills along with Magic to be more attracted to use High Level Alchemy.

Plank Make may be cast once per 3 game tick (about 1.8 seconds). Including banking time, up to about 1850 Plank Makes may be cast per hour, giving up to about 166k Magic experience per hour.

Note: this many casts in one hour may be reduced by lag, mistakes (such as clicking on planks that have already been made), or distractions.

Log Plank Cost in coins
Spell Make Sawmill
Logs Plank 70 100
Oak logs Oak plank 175 250
Teak logs Teak plank 350 500
Mahogany logs Mahogany plank 1050 1500

As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell. However, a player must have also finished Dream Mentor to cast this Spell.


Spell cost
15Earth rune1Nature rune2Astral rune713
Combo runes
1Nature rune2Astral rune15Dust rune803
1Nature rune2Astral rune15Mud rune4,208
1Nature rune2Astral rune15Lava rune683
1Nature rune2Astral runeStaff of earth638
1Nature rune2Astral runeDust battlestaff638
1Nature rune2Astral runeMud battlestaff638
1Nature rune2Astral runeLava battlestaff638

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