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This article is about a form of transportation. For the entrance to a player-owned house, see POH portal.

A Portal is a form of transportation that enables players to teleport between two places. Unlike ordinary teleports, portals can only be used at a fixed location and they can be used an unlimited number of times.




There are three portals on the top floor of the Wizards' Guild.



  • The Abyss contains a portal to every Runecrafting altar
  • The mysterious ruins are portals to the Runecrafting altars.


  • Three portals in Castle Wars transport players to the waiting rooms. There are also two portals in the waiting rooms that allow for exit.
  • The Pest Control minigame features four monster portals that players aim to destroy.

Random eventsEdit

The following Random events used to use portals as a way of exit.



There are other portals scattered throughout RuneScape.

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