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This quest has a quick guide, found here.

Start point Quest Speak to King Roald in the Varrock Palace.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Recently contact has been lost with the temple to Saradomin on Misthalins' Eastern border. King Roald would be very interested to know what has caused this lack of communication, and seeks an adventurer willing to report back to him on the situation.
Length Medium
Requirements Able to defeat a combat level 30 enemy without Magic.
Items required
Enemies to defeat


Start this quest at Varrock Palace by talking to King Roald. He tells you that contact has been lost with the temple and wants you to go and check it out for him.

Paterdomus Church Entryway

The entrance to the temple.

The temple is located east of Varrock. Go through the wooden gate northeast of the east exit. Then, follow the path to the temple. Knock on the door, and someone will ask you if you will help him by killing the dog. Tell him you will. Climb down the dungeon entrance north of the temple, then kill the level 30 Temple Guardian. You cannot use Magic.

Go back and knock on the door again. You will hear the voice from earlier acting very strange, suggesting that you speak to King Roald.

Head back to Varrock Palace and talk to King Roald again. King Roald becomes enraged, and "explains" that the dog was guarding the palace from attack. He instructs you to go back and fix it right away.

A player with a high combat levelEdit

Before you return, it is recommended that you bring four medium-quality (cakes, salmon, lobsters, etc.) food, 22 unnoted rune or pure essence and your empty bucket. You should still have one empty inventory slot. This will save one trip to Varrock and save you a few walking minutes. Note: You can also use Runecrafting pouches to carry more essence.

A player with a low combat levelEdit

Bring 27 medium-quality (cakes, salmon, lobsters, etc.) food, and an empty bucket. (Alternatively, you may bring 5 medium-quality food, 22 unnoted rune or pure essence, and an empty bucket. Additionally, a Runecrafting pouch enables you to carry extra essence.) An inventory slot will open up when you eat during the long and protracted fight with the level 30 Monk of Zamorak who attacks with either Melee or Magic. If you wear metal (bronze, iron, steel, or black) armour, the Monk of Zamorak will hit hard regardless of your metal armour, and the Monk of Zamorak's magical attacks will hit extra hard through your metal armour (since Magic beats Melee in the Combat Triangle). It is, therefore, recommended that you fight the Monk of Zamorak with Ranged as (1) Ranged armour will provide modest protection from the Monk of Zamorak's magical attacks (since Ranged beats Magic in the combat triangle), and (2) you can safespot the Monk of Zamorak with Ranged by standing on either the west or east side of a church pew and trapping the Monk of Zamorak on the other side of the church pew.

Recommended Ranged gear for low-combat-level playersEdit

Strategy for low-combat-level playersEdit

If you have Prayer level 8 or greater, then it is suggested that you use the Sharp Eye prayer, and you will be able to use it for the entire fight since there is a prayer altar in the temple where you can renew your prayer points as many times as required. Just be careful that each time you run to the prayer altar to renew your prayer points, that you quickly run back to the church pew and trap the Monk of Zamorak on the other side, as you will be vulnerable to the Monk of Zamorak's Melee attacks when you leave the safespot.

In both scenarios…Edit

Travel east, and knock on the temple door again. This time, the door swings open. Kill one of the level 30 Monks of Zamorak to get a golden key. Go to the top floor (climb either the north-east or south-east staircase on the ground floor to get to the first floor, then climb the ladder in the south-west corner of the first floor to get to the top floor), and use the talk-through option found on the cell door to talk to Drezel. Ask him to tell you about the holy river, and he will tell you how Saradomin made the river impassable for all that are evil. He says that the river may have been tainted and asks you to help purify it again. He will also tell you that he can't leave with the vampire still there, and tells you that the water from the river might be able to temporarily seal the vampire's tomb.

Next, go into the dungeon. With the golden key, you can unlock the gate in the Temple Dungeon where the guardian was located earlier. After traversing the path, you will see some monuments. Study them; you will notice one of them has an iron key in it. Use the golden key on it to swap keys. After obtaining the iron key, use your bucket on the well to fill it with murky water.

Go back to the top floor, and use the iron key on the cell door. Then, go inside, and talk to Drezel. You will find out that the water is not blessed. He will then bless the bucket of water that you filled earlier and give it back to you. Use it on the coffin to seal the vampire. Drezel will then tell you to meet him in the dungeon.

Go to the monument room, and then go through the gate past it. You will find Drezel there. Talk to him. He will tell you that the river has been unblessed. You suggest using rune essence to remove the Zamorakian magic. He tells you it will take 50 rune essence to do it (pure essence will also work). Note that Drezel will not take noted essence! When you bring the unnoted essence, talk to him again, and give them to him. You can use more than one trip to bring Drezel the 50 essence.

When you have given Drezel all 50 essence, the quest is complete!


Priest in Peril reward scroll



  • The Temple Guardian still roams around even though it was supposedly defeated during the beginning of the quest.

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