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Instruction manual
This is the quick guide for Prince Ali Rescue.
For a more in-depth version, click here.


Start point Quest Speak to Hassan in the palace at Al Kharid.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Prince Ali of Al Kharid has been kidnapped by the scheming Lady Keli. You are hired to stage a rescue mission.
Length Short (if you start with all items), medium (if you don't)
Requirements Able to get past aggressive combat level 26 Jail Guards.
Items required
Enemies to defeat None

Note that an amulet of glory can teleport you to both Draynor Village and Al Kharid, which is why it proves extremely useful. A ring of dueling can speed things up also, as it can teleport you to the Duel Arena, north of Al Kharid.


Getting startedEdit

  • Begin the quest by talking to Hassan. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to Osman just north of the palace. (Chat 1-2-3)
  • Talk to Leela east of Draynor Village, north of the jail. (Chat 1-1-2-3)

Obtaining a disguiseEdit

  • Go to Ned's house and obtain the wig from him. (Chat 1-2-1) (2-2-1 if Dragon Slayer is completed)
  • Go to Aggie's house and use the onion on Aggie to get yellow dye and talk to get skin paste. (Chat 1-1)
  • Use the yellow dye on the wig and retrieve the soft clay.

Obtaining a keyEdit

  • Go to the jailhouse east of Draynor Village. (big red exclamation mark east of draynor bank)
  • Talk to Lady Keli about anything except Katrine. (Chat 1-2-3-1-1)
  • Ask her if you can see the key then ask to touch the key.
  • Talk to Osman. (Chat 1)
  • Return to Leela and get the key from her.

Breaking outEdit

  • Go to the jailhouse.
  • Talk to Joe and keep offering drinks to him. (Chat 1)
  • Use the rope on Lady Keli.
  • Use the key on the cell door.
  • Talk to Prince Ali.
  • Report back to Hassan.
  • Quest complete!

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