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Prospector Percy's Nugget Shop is a clothing store owned by Prospector Percy. It is the only store that sells the prospector kit, which is bought with golden nuggets. Wearing the outfit will give a 2.5% bonus to mining experience gained.


These items can only be bought with golden nuggets.

Item Stock Price (in Golden nugget) Exp boost Boost per nugget
Prospector helmet Prospector helmet 100 40 0.4% 0.01%
Prospector jacket Prospector jacket 100 60 0.8% 0.013%
Prospector legs Prospector legs 100 50 0.6% 0.012%
Prospector boots Prospector boots 100 30 0.2% 0.007%
Coal bag Coal bag 1 100 / /
Gem bag Gem bag 1 100 / /
Soft clay pack Soft clay pack 1000 10 / /
Bag full of gems Bag full of gems 100 40 / /

From the 'Boost per nugget' section, you can see that some pieces are more efficient than others. Therefore in order to get the most out of your nuggets, it is highly recommended you save up, and obtain each piece in the following order: 1st - Jacket, 2nd - Legs, 3rd - Helmet, 4th - Boots.

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